How to play the game Shadow Fight 2 by emulator

Shadow Fight 2 is a feverish name on the mobile game charts in recent years. With 4 versions available on the market, this game is in the top mobile games with the highest downloads. This is quite … confusing, because in fact, Shadow Fight 2 has an unimpressive “appearance”.

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Free download Shadow Fight 2 game for Windows

Among action and role-playing games, Shadow Fight 2 is probably the most special name. With games, the most important thing is the graphics, sound and gameplay. But with Shadow Fight 2, this game has an “extreme” background, the sound is not vivid, the gameplay is not unique or new.

How to install and play the game Shadow Fight 2 by emulator

Not impressive, but highly sought-after and with very high downloads. The only highlight of the game is probably the characters of the same “slow rewind” style. Gamers can not see clearly any part of the body, face or even the characters’ weapons, what they can see are just two “shadows” fighting.

In addition, the movements and attacks of the “shadow” seem to be slowed down, if at first these things make you uncomfortable, just “fight” a few matches, Shadow Fight 2 will conquer you by yourself. these disadvantages.

Step 1: You start the emulator on your computer (depending on the emulator, the way the initial steps will be manipulated will be different). If Install BlueStacks, when opened, you will see the interface as below. Choose to enter Search – Search icon.

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Step 2: Enter keywords “Shadows Fight 2“Enter the box then Enter, but we can see how popular the game is when the keywords have not been fully entered, the results are shown.”

Install Shadow Fight 2 game on the computer

Step 3: Choose to enter Install – Install to start installing the game on the emulator.

Install the game Shadow Fight 2 for the computer

Step 4: Select Next Accept – Accept to confirm the installation.

Play the game Shadow Fight 2 using an emulator

Wait for the download to complete, Open – Open to enter the game.

The interface of Shadow Fight 2 on BlueStacks.

However, to be able to play, Shadow Fight 2 requires us to install another application, you can download it very quickly.

Now, let’s start playing the game.

Try playing some games? From firsthand experience, you will understand why Shadow Fight 2 is so charismatic!

Instructions to install and play the game Shadow Fight 2 on the computer

Wish you all success!

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