How to play the game Garena Free Fire on the computer

Due to high configuration requirements, many gamers have installed Garena Free Fire on the computer to play games smoother through Android emulator software. The way to play the Free Fire game on the computer is quite similar to other Battle Royale games such as PUBG Mobile or Rules Of Survival. After download game Garena Free Fire About installation, you can play right away with Vietnamese interface.

The survival shooter Free Fire is exclusively released by Garena in Vietnam, although it does not have a good position in the world like Fortnite, but Free Fire is storming and ready to launch a high configuration version Free Fire Max to those who own “genuine” equipment. Down here will guide you in detail how to play Free Fire game on a laptop is very easy to get used to.

Video instructions to play Garena Free Fire on the computer

How to play Garena Free Fire on PC

Step 1:

You proceed to download the game to your computer via GameLoop emulator or Tencent Gaming Buddy, then open the game to play. The game can be downloaded from the links below:

Step 2:

At the first interface, players are asked to log in to their account. We can choose to play games in the following ways:

  • Sign in with your Facebook account
  • Play Free Fire as a guest account (available on mobile only)
  • Login game account Garena Free Fire (icon VK)

Sign in to your Free Fire account

Step 3:

Character creation. Garena Free Fire allows players to use available characters to play the game, we just need choose gender Male or Female, then name the character and choose next Create is done.

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Create a free Fire game character

Step 4:

Select the item Begin yellow, lower right corner to enter game play.

Start into the game

Step 5:

This is the basic interface of Free Fire survival game. Buttons can be seen corresponding to each action on the screen, such as:

  • Run fast
  • Move keystrokes
  • In the middle of the screen is the bull’s eye
  • Fire icon (bullet shape, right)
  • Icons jump up, sit down, lie down

While playing the game, we will use these joystick combinations to manipulate the character. And this is also the waiting interface, when there are enough people or wait about 60 seconds to enter live play. You can take advantage of this time to get used to the controls, how to move …

The main interface of the game

Step 6:

A completely new way of playing compared to the strategy games we’ve ever played. That is instead of being below the ground, with GFF, players will start jumping from the plane.

Parachuting from an airplane

Step 7:

Touch miniature map icon In the upper right corner of the screen to open it, choose a point to jump down to navigate. Selected points will be available navigation icon blue, longer arrow icon green, is the character’s current position.

Choose a jump location on the map

While jumping, the navigation key can be used to change the descending speed, adjusting the direction of the selected location.

Adjust direction while jumping

And finally, when you land, let’s quickly loot, equip your character with the weapons and items needed to start a war of survival with other players.

Enter the game


There are some notes that the writer drew during playing Garena Free Fire as well as playing PUBG Mobile, they are:

  • Always use the fast run key for the character. Because it shortens the time to move, pick up items, and at the same time make the character more difficult to attack
  • Don’t be too greedy because sometimes a crate in the middle of the road, while delicious, makes you a target for other players
  • Try to move low, following a “zik-zak” pattern while outside or try to hide and wait for your target.
  • Regularly observe the situation, the position of the character and the new position of the circle
  • Use markers on the map to identify a location for the character, then try to move to the destination
  • Frequently using first aid items
  • Turn on sight (if any) to observe the terrain and see if anyone is hiding or not?
  • Always use both close and long-range weapons (Sniper) to be able to fight in any situation
  • When attacked without locating the enemy, run quickly
  • When picking up things, remember:
    • Weapons and equipment with blue arrows pointing up are the better items available
    • Weapons, equipment with yellow arrows, are not as good
  • Change weapons by touching the new weapon that needs to be used on the inventory (above, right hand of the screen)
  • Tap on the gun icon at the top to change bullets
  • When fighting, if the bull’s eye is directed at a white enemy, it is possible to attack. If it’s pink, bullets can’t come, or shoot
  • Only when you pick up the aiming weapon, then crosshair icon appears (right). Tap on it to activate aim mode for the gun
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In the article only instructs you how to play the basics, in reality, depending on the situation, the situation that we will apply differently. At the same time, when playing familiar, each person will choose a different way of playing.

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