How to play Team DeathMatch mode in PUBG Mobile 0.13

If you want to get used to the new game mode – Team DeathMatch (TDM) of PUBG Mobile 0.13 version, you can refer to the instructions below.

PUBG Mobile 0.13 shooter promises to bring many interesting things and surprises for gamers. Not only the “personnel” change in the zombie game mode, but this action game also gives players a extreme fighting mode.

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How to play PUBG Mobile Team DeathMatch mode

As mentioned in the article about the changes in the new PUBG Mobile update. Team DeathMatch is a game mode that requires high concentration and very high team coordination.

In particular, due to not having to search for weapons or ammunition, the fighting started almost immediately. Below will be a guide on how to play TDM in PUBG Mobile in the most detailed.

Step 1: You need to update your PUBG Mobile version to 0.13 version (currently only the international version is available, those who play PUBG Mobile VNG will need to wait a little longer).

Step 2: At the main interface, you choose to enter TDM icon green, or you can left-click the interface options play mode as shown below.

The main interface of the game
Choose to play Team DeathMatch mode from the main interface

Step 3: Select to mode EvoGround and tick TDM: Warehouse, later OK.

Select EvoGround mode

Step 4: Wait a moment for the game to automatically team up for you. There will be 2 teams (Green team and Red team), each team of 4 people, the gameplay is not difficult, if you remember the classic FPS game Counter-Strike also known as Half Life, then this Team DeathMatch mode the same is true.

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Game automatically team match
The game automatically teamed for players

Players on both sides will fight with each other and try to defeat the other side quickly, a lot. All operations, play buttons, and gameplay are the same as the default survival mode, but the specific rules of this mode are as follows:

  • Instead of the team who all dies will lose, PUBG Mobile will give the team that defeated an opponent team 1 point.
  • The side that reaches 40 points first will win or if the time ends (10 minutes), the side with the more points wins.
  • Each side will have an area called “home” to fix things. There are a number of weapons, items and grenades available here (no ambulance), players can return at any time to change weapons.
  • When you lose blood, just wait about 5 seconds, the health will automatically recover 100%.
  • The opposing team always has outstanding colors for easy recognition.
  • Once defeated, wait 5 seconds to start playing again.
  • Players who are defeated anywhere, will be revived at home.
  • In the middle of the map there is a small workshop, which will constantly appear new weapons, grenades to attract gamers on both sides.
  • Players will be awarded experience points depending on their post-match rank.

Some pictures in Team DeathMatch game mode:

“House” and some weapons and items available.

Area "Home" in Team DeathMatch mode

Wait 5 seconds after being defeated to continue playing.

5 seconds of immortality after being defeated

Team that reaches 40 points first wins.


Video tutorial to play PUBG Mobile Team DeathMatch game

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