How to play Super Mario Run all day without worrying about running out of battery

Since the launch Super Mario Run has quickly captured the hearts of many gamers, this is also one of the pretty titles. “Addictive”. But like many other games, Super Mario Run is also the cause of your iPhone draining battery quickly.

So how to save battery? How to make the game play not interrupted? Invite you to refer to the 5 tips below

5 tips to increase battery life when playing Super Mario Run

Customization in the game

Similar to Pokemon GoSuper Mario Run also has a built-in battery saver mode, you just need to touch 3 dash icon In the bottom left corner of the main interface, select Settings.

The main interface game Super Mario RunClick on Settings

Display Settings appears, click on the option Options. Here, switch the settings Rendering Setting and Graphics Settings to mode Low is to be.

Click on OptionsSwitch to Low mode

Customize in phone

Also on the phone, you access Settings> Battery. Then, slide the white slider in the section Low Power Mode to the right to activate battery saver mode. This will help reduce background activities and stop energy-consuming apps.

Click on BatteryLow energy mode

Turn off running applications

You usually press Home button to exit the app, but doing so does not completely shut down the app yet is still running in the background, causing the phone to drain battery power quickly. To turn them off you just need to double-tap Home button to open the Control Center, then swipe up to turn off unused applications.

Turn off running applicationsClose the running application

Reduce screen brightness

Reducing the screen brightness is also a pretty effective way to save battery, you should reduce the screen brightness as much as possible while your eyes can still see.

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Reduce screen brightnessAdjust screen brightness

Equipped with backup charger

The above methods only help you save some battery power, but when playing for too long, you should still buy yourself a backup charger, so as not to interrupt the game play. This is how many gamers choose because the power bank is quite compact, convenient and easy to buy at any supermarket or electronics store.

Hope the above methods will help you extend your time experience this fascinating Super Mario Run game. In addition, you can refer to the following battery saver applications: Battery Doctor, DU Battery Saver & Widgets

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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