How to play PUBG Mobile Titans: Last Stand

PUBG Mobile Titans: Last Stand

PUBG Mobile Titans: Last Stand is the first PvE mode in the game, offering a variety of prizes like BP, parachute skins and more. Here are how to play PUBG Mobile Titans: Last Stand.

PUBG Mobile Titans: Last Stand

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Regime Titans: Last Stand in PUBG Mobile assigns players the task of helping 2 giants Godzilla and King Kong defeat Mechagodzilla – Mechanized version of Godzilla.

By playing and accumulating score in mode Titans: Last Stand, players can get many interesting prizes.

Titans: Last Stand mode in PUBG Mobile

Collaboration with Godzilla Vs. Kong may be one of the biggest events PUBG Mobile has ever hosted. It includes a new mode Titan: Last Stand, available from May 25 to June 8, 2021. This part tells the never-before-seen story of the Godzilla & Kong battle, exclusive to PUBG Mobile 1.4.

Come on, this is also the first PvE mode in PUBG Mobile, bringing players into the legendary battle between Godzilla and King Kong against Mechagodzilla.

In this mode, the player appears on a battleship. Here, they will loot weapons, items and prepare for battle. When Mechagodzilla appears, support Godzilla and Kong by attacking its weak points.

The battle between giant characters in PUBG Mobile

How to play PUBG Mobile Titans: Last Stand mode

To participate in the battle of the Titans, players must update PUBG Mobile to the latest version. After that, continue to download and install the resource pack for the new game mode. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile.
  2. Open menu Settings.
  3. Select tab Downloads.
  4. Download the resource pack for Titans: Last Stand.
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Prizes in PUBG Mobile's Titans: Last Stand mode

Note: Make sure you have at least 2GB of free space to extract and install the file. You don’t need to use them all, but it will speed up the installation.

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