How to play Mini World: Block Art in the early days

If new to play Mini World If you don’t know where to start in the first few days, here are a few action suggestions to do for you.

Mini World: Block Art is a great game for those who like to create, like to survive or build a dream world. However, if you are new to playing, at first you will be a bit overwhelmed and wonder if you do not know how to start playing Mini World game How, what to do when entering the game on the first day… If you are feeling that way, here is Everything you should do on your first day of Mini World: Block Art.

How to start playing Mini World: Block Art

The first step: Cutting the wood

World Mini World There are many different types of terrain, such as deserts, glacial fields, snow-covered areas, hills, plains, forests …

When you start playing the game, you will appear at a random spot and the first thing to do is to cut the tree to get some wood.

Logging in Mini World

How to cut trees for timber:

Hold the tree with your hand and tap it consecutively. You will see a progress bar on the side. The block will drop from the tree when the progress bar is full. Get closer to the blocks and put them all in your backpack.

Step 2: Create Toolbox toolbox

You can craft a Toolbox when collecting all the wood blocks of a certain tree in Mini World: Block Art.

Crafting Toolbox in Mini World

Backpack opening:

  • On the PC, touch B to open the inventory.
  • On mobile, click the backpack icon to open it.
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Open the backpack in Mini World Block Art

First, manipulate wooden blocks into wooden planks. You need 6 wooden boards to make a Toolbox.

Step 3: Make the bed

The first day in Mini World in survival mode was a real challenge. You have no resources, no food or weapons. Therefore, please prioritize making bed to rest after collecting some basic resources.

To make a bed in Mini World, you need: 1 wool, 3 wood board, 2 wood bars.

Making a bed in Mini World

First, you need to find a sheep. Take a walk around as sheep will often appear near you. Touch the sheep to attack it. When killing sheep, it will randomly leave a block of wool or meat. If you are lucky, you will have wool.

Find bedding material in Mini World

Then let’s craft the bed using the Toolbox. Hold the bed and touch the ground to put it in place.

Complete bed in Mini World

When night falls, touch the bed to go to sleep. Mini World character Your device will wake up automatically when it is morning.

Go to bed at night in Mini World

If it is still too early to go to bed, collect more blocks and prepare for the next day.

How to get food in Mini World: Block Art

There are many ways you can find food, here are some of the easiest suggestions to follow:

In the wild

  • Collect food by smashing jars.
  • Pumpkin on the field.
  • Shake the tree to collect the fruit.

Kill wild animals

  • Attack animals like pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, and fish and kill them for meat. You can eat it directly or use the oven to cook the meat to quickly stop hunger.
  • Killing Boardman or the spider can poison the spider’s legs or flesh.
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Plant tree

  • Grow wheat and process them into bread.
  • Plant tomatoes, carrots, corn or watermelon.
Get food in Mini World Block Art

In the initial stage, you have limited supplies so do not rush to move far. On the second day, you can collect some wheat seeds in the field near where you live.

Above are some things you should do first when playing Mini World: Block Art, especially in survival mode. If there is any other activity, please share with readers!

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