How to play Minecraft using Hamachi

Using Hamachi to play Minecraft game is a simple but extremely effective way for players to connect with friends and invite them to join their “world” together, creating a connected, fun Mine World. looks and is as close as possible. To be able to do this, of course we need two main conditions, that is Hamachi installer and computers already have Minecraft game.

Minecraft and Hamachi are two tools that are familiar to computer users in general and gamers in general. One is the most classic game of all time, even developed and modified for inclusion in education, and the other is a tool to create virtual LANs over the Internet that we often use to play games like Half-Life 1.1 good Counter-Strike 1.6

Use Hamachi to play Minecraft

As mentioned, before playing, players need to ensure the following conditions:

After the above conditions are satisfied, we start to do the following in turn:

Step 1: Start the Hamachi software on the computer, then left-click Power icon to activate the program.

Launch Hamachi

Step 2: Wait a moment for Hamachi to scan and identify the device you are using, after your computer name (in this article is July-PC) appears, there will also be more options below, tool can:

  • Create a new network: Create a new network.
  • Join an existing network: Join existing networks.

Depending on whether you are the creator of a new room or want to enter someone else’s room, select one of the two items above accordingly. But before done, it should be login to your Hamachi account. If not, select Sign up and follow the instructions above, if so, just choose Log in to login.

Sign in to your account
Login to your Hamachi account and then Create a new network to create a new network

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Step 3: Because if you are the following participant, you just need to “join” to the room and play as usual, so in this example, the writer chooses Create a new network to guide you to create a new LAN.

In the window Create Network, you enter in turn:

  • Network ID: The name of the network to create.
  • Password: Password.
  • Confirm password: Re-enter the password.
  • Click Create to create a new one.

Create Hamachi network

Step 4: Once the network is available, we continue to launch the Minecraft game on the computer, log in Minecraft account to enter and play as usual. Now there are also two cases like when creating a LAN using Hamachi as above:

  • If you are room master (creator): Select a mode Singleplayer.
  • If you are inviteeJoin the following: Select the mode Multiplayer.

The writer will in turn introduce to you both of these modes so that we know how to implement or join with friends.

Sign in to the game Minecraft
Choose Singleplayer mode if you are the first World creator to invite others

Case 1: You are the first creator

Step 5: Choose Create New World to start creating a New World by yourself.

Choose World

Step 6: To name (World Name) for this World and choose the game mode in the category Game Mode (There are three modes: Hardcore, Survival, Creative) then left click Create New World to start creating.

To name
Name and choose a game mode for your Mine World

Step 7: Initialization time will be quite long (about a few minutes), you wait until it is put into the game interface like this, that is successful.

Logged in successfully

Step 8: Open Game Menu (actually just ALT + TAB to another window, the game will show this right away), select the left mouse button on the item Open to LAN.

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Open to LAN

Step 9: In the new window, we can choose the game mode again (Game Mode) if you want or even activate the “cheat” mode in the game Minecraft (to craft Allow Cheats to ON) to try to use a command “cheat game minecraft”.

Adjust the mode "cheat"

Done, left-click and select Start LAN Word to make the network public to all other players.

Select Start LAN World to start publicizing this LAN to other players

At this point on the screen will appear a range of numbers, that is Local game hosted on port XXXX. Where XXXX is the frequency, which is the name of the LAN to play Minecraft on Hamachi that we are implementing. You need to accurately remember or save this number.

Because each World created in Minecraft has only one code, so if you want to invite friends or other players to join, don’t forget.

Local game host

Step 10: Back to the LogMeIn Hamachi application interface, click Right click on the IP range appears above the computer name and copy it over by selecting Copy IPv4 address.

Copy ID
Copy IP4v to send to friends

Want to invite any friends to play with, just paste and send them that IP range and local game number above.

Send to friends

Case 2: You are invited, join later

Step 11: If you are invited, after receiving Hamachi’s LAN IP and local game code, you also log into the game, but in the first interface, do not choose Singleplayer, but choose Multiplayer.

Multi mode
Select Multiplayer to join an existing network

Step 12: Here also have two options as follows:

  • Add Server: Connect and join servers around the world.
  • Direct Connect: Direct connection.
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If you want to see how “Miners” around the World build their game, you can give it a try.

World Network

In this article, we need to connect directly to the network that has been created. You guys enter Server Address according to the following formula:

LAN IP: local game

Enter the two corresponding information you received from the creator, then click Join Server to join this network.

Select available networks
Enter the IP and local game number you got into Server Address and then Join Server

Step 13: Wait for the connection process to finish before you can enter the game. However, if you manually access your network, it will definitely fail.

Being connected

Or another problem, is that the player entered the correct information but still got the error. Most likely the cause is that your computer is running in firewall mode and it is causing your login to disable.

To fix this, you do the following:

Click Start icon, choose Control Panel.

Control Panel

Find the item Windows Firewall and go there (if you don’t see this, try changing the display mode View by to Large icons).


It can be seen that the state is “ON“, turn off computer firewall by clicking Turn Windows Firewall on or off.

Turn off firewall

Move all the items in Customize Settings Fort Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) already OK to complete.


That is the entire guide to playing Minecraft on your computer with Hamachi, hopefully with this little trick, you and your friends can connect and create your own Mine World.

Video tutorial to create a LAN to play Minecraft

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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