How to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with friends

Play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Alone has fun, but playing with your group will be even more fun and wonderful. Fall Guys allows you to team up to 4 people to conquer the challenges of the game.

Create groups to play Fall Guys

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Though Fall Guys are highly competitive, in which only one person can win the crown if they last until the last minute, the game has some interesting team-work modes. Here it is instructions on how to play Fall Guys with friends.

How to invite a friend to play Fall Guys

1. Open the main menu.

2. Tap the triangle on the driver to invite friends.

3. Select any friends (up to 3 people) you want to invite to the group.

Invite your friends to play Fall Guys

4. When they appear on the screen next to you, tap X when you have entered a game and started a match.

How to create a group in Fall Guys

If you want to activate group chat, you’ll need to start opening a private group via PlayStation. By default, this feature is not enabled in Fall Guys because initially, you are joining the game as a normal player.

1. From the home screen, scroll up and navigate to Party.

Create groups in Fall Guys

2. Select Create Party.

Party Creation on PS4

3. Set a group name, set a player limit and select private If you want to create a private group.

Create groups to play Fall Guys easily

4. Select Create Party.

5. Select the friends you want to invite to the group.

6. Click Invite.

Now you have everything you need to be Play with friends in Fall Guys. Don’t worry if you don’t see your friends in the main menu. That’s because matching is having problems. Please try again. According to the developer, this problem usually occurs when the number of players entering the game at the same time is too crowded.

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