How to play Business Tour for beginners

Business Tour is the highly rated free billionaire board game on Steam. If you also like this genre, here are How to play Business Tour for beginners.

Instructions on how to play Business Tour

How to join a playroom

Business Tour billionaire chess game is a multiplayer online game (from 2 to 4 people) with 2 modes Solo or Friend on a 32-square chessboard. If you have invited a friend to play, select Friend.

If you’re new to the game and don’t have friends on the Business Tour, choose Solo and click Play. When entering the lobby, you can join an existing lobby (with a lighter color). If the lobby is not suitable, you can create a new lobby by pressing the . button Create.

Business Tour solo mode

How to choose a lobby

Here’s how the Business Tour game lobbies look:

Business Tour game lobby

You can adjust the number of chips each player bets before the game starts. The player in the top 2 of a billionaire chess game will win that number of chips and the rest will lose all the chips bet.

Inside lobby before entering the Business Tour game

Choose a character in Business Tour

Business Tour PC provide free 4 main characters for players to choose from. You are free to choose the desired character because this does not affect the gameplay.

Of course, the game also has some other character customization options that you can unlock when eligible.

Characters in Business Tour

Start playing Business Tour

Before players can roll the dice on the Business Tour, some cities have festivals. These festivals will increase the rent that players have to pay if they go through them.

Icon of city holding carnival in Business Tour

After the festival locations have been identified, now is the time to officially start the race to become a billionaire. The system will automatically choose the first player to roll the dice.

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The system chooses who rolls the dice first

Knot Roll will appear on your character if selected. Please click on it. Next, the system automatically moves the character according to the correct number of steps on the dice. If you want to roll the dice again, you need to pay 3 gold coins.

Press Roll to roll the dice in Business Tour

When you arrive in a city you want to buy, you can choose between 2 houses in the first round. That means to place a level 3 house, you need to go all the way through the map once and reach the same location again. The cost of buying an extra cell will increase clockwise.

Alternatively, you can build a hotel at a location where there is a level 3 house. The hotel is basically unaffected by the earthquake and cannot be purchased by others.

Special cells

  • Start: Every time you go through the departure box, you will receive 300,000 USD
  • Resort: Is a normal box but you cannot buy it from others and if you buy 4 Resorts, you will win.
  • Chance: Gives you a random power-up, which may or may not be useful.
  • Lost Island: If you roll this box correctly, you will lose 3 rolls of the dice. You can exit the island with a chance card, pay a $200,000 fee, or wait 3 rounds.
  • World Championship: If you check this box, you can choose a city to host the contest. This action will increase the rental fee per tournament.
  • World Tour: Allows the player to go to any unpurchased city or any land in possession. To use it, you will have to pay $50,000.
  • Tax Agency: When stopping on this box, you will have to pay 10% tax.
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Business Tour win conditions

  • Side Monopoly: You will win if you dominate an entire side of the map with buildings.
  • Triple Monopoly: You will win if you build a set of 3 houses of the same model in a row.
  • Monopoly Resort: You will win if you buy all Resort.
  • Bankruptcy: You will win if all the opponents can’t afford the rent and go bankrupt.
  • Accept Winnings: When everyone in a game leaves.

Above is How to play the billionaire board game Business Tour for beginners. Hope the article is useful to you.

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