How to play AOG – Arena of Glory using a simulator

AOG action role-playing game – Arena of Glory can be played on the Android emulator smoothly, not inferior to us. Play AOG – Arena of Glory on mobile.

If you still remember the previous instructions of, we have been instructed to install and play a lot of mobile games on your computer without a compatible version. Like playing Arena of Valor on the computer, playing PUBG Mobile on the emulator … With the MOBA AOG game – this Glorious Arena is the same.

Glory Arena for Android

How to play AOG – Arena of Glory on Android emulator

The first thing is that we need to download and install AOG – Arena of Glory on the computer, then it will be to login and choose the character’s name, this part is quite easy so the writer did not repeat.

After logging into the game, we will be asked by the system about our level. With two levels:

  • New players: Get detailed instructions on basic, detailed each action (move, select, aim, attack, use skills …).
  • Master: Those who are familiar with this action game genre and just need to introduce the skill system.


If you have (and certainly) played League of Legends, then perhaps the Arena of Glory will be the mobile version of this classic strategy game. In addition, the gameplay is similar to Arena of Valor, so it will not be difficult to get used to. Choosing the level of Beginner will only take your time.

Moreover, even if you choose to play at the Advanced level, the game AOG still guides you through the attack and basic skill system, so there is no need to worry too much about getting used to the game.

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Another thing to say is that playing AOG by computer is more difficult than playing directly on the phone at the stage of mobility and skill use. However, if you practice a lot, you will definitely get used to it and make it easier to play the game.

About how to set up the keyboard to play AOG – Arena of Glory, we are too familiar with the previous games. However, with the writer’s experience, instead of using the keyboard to move, if the player uses the mouse, it will be flexible and convenient, bringing a much more familiar feeling.

The use of the keypad to move or use the mouse is not a must, if you feel familiar and want to use any tool, familiar with which way, you can use it as you like.

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