How to play Among Us in Dota 2

Yes, you can Among Us in Dota 2 through a special custom map called Dota 2 Among Us Edition. Here it is how to play Among Us in Dota 2.

Two famous YouTuber CIS Dota 2 – XENO and Meeponegeroi have created a customized Among Us game from the main version of Dota style. This mini-game retains the original rules of play, but the characters and environmental elements belong entirely to Dota 2.

How to play Among Us in Dota 2

What is Dota 2 Among Us Edition?

Dota 2 Among Us Edition is a remake of the famous game Among Us, including the generals and environmental elements typical of Dota 2.

The striking difference from the original version is that each hero has its own special ability when playing the imposter imposter. This will add more depth to the game.

How to play Dota 2 Among Us Edition

To download Dota 2 Among Us Edition, register at Then, open the game Dota 2 and navigate to the Arcade tab.

Sign up for Dota 2 Among Us on Steam

Next, choose a hero. You will be assigned a random role, civilian or impostor. In a 10 player game, Dota 2 Among Us Edition there will be 2 imposters.

How to play Dota 2 Among Us as a commoner

  • Complete all the missions on the map. When the Total task progress bar is full, there are no imposters left in the game, the civilians will win.
  • By clicking the bell in the center of the map when you find the body, you open a poll to find the faker and expel them.
  • If killed, you cannot speak but can still perform quests in spirit form.
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How to play Dota 2 Among Us as an imposter

  • The imposter team will win by killing all civilians or having overwhelming numbers than the other team.
  • Competence of imposters:
  • It is possible to kill one person every 30 seconds.
  • Possesses a special ability of an immersive general and helps you remove doubts.
  • 4 times destructive
The power of an impostor in Dota 2 Among Us

Why is playing Dota 2 Among Us Edition better than the original?

  • The easiest way to play Among Us with friends in Dota 2. There is no need to switch games because it is built into the Dota 2 client.
  • Integrated voice communication system.
  • Among Us’s character owns the ability and appearance of a Dota 2 general

The above is how to play Among Us, Dota 2 version – a great “change of wind” option for those who are bored of the original version.

Please refer to the video tutorial on how to install and play Dota 2 Among Us

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