How to own two Guardians Trixie and Jade in EverWing

Trixie and Jade are two powerful Guardians that any gamer in EverWing wants to own, in addition to the hacking methods that gamers use to unlock characters, here are tips that true gamers have. can be used to own these two characters. will show you the ways you can own these two Guardians.

How to own the two most powerful Guardians EverWing

1 Tourament Mission

Tourament Mission Also the way you can open chests to get these two characters. This task usually appears in the main interface of the game. So this task also only has the probability of winning and also requires gamers to have a large number of friends, so this is still a difficult task for most gamers.

Mission Tourament

In addition to Jade and Trixie, at this prize draw, Ton is also sought after by many players because this dragon possesses a very powerful set of additional skills.


2. Invite friends and “strangers”

Invite friends

Instead of inviting friends, all we can do is invite “stranger” in the invite table of EverWing, you can completely invite the fanpage all the genres you can find on the search engine, including brands like LV, D&G or BeatVN, BeatTroll …

Invite friendsTRIXIE

You can also apply both the invite command and the additional bonuses to this invite method. Some gamers recommend that after the first opening, if you see a character or item that you need to open in any box, just open the correct box they just appeared. Although not 100%, but 80% of players will open the correct character they are looking for in the next opening turn.

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Good luck.

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