How to load UC PUBG Mobile Korean version 2021

Besides PUBG Mobile VN, PUBG Mobile CRAZY is the most popular alternative to the global version. If you are playing the Korean version and are looking for a way to load UC PUBG Mobile Korean version, this is the article for you.

PUBG Mobile there are different regional servers for players around the world. One of the more popular versions is PUBG Mobile CRAZY, the game version for the Korean and Japanese markets. Players from other regions can also access this server through a VPN.

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Instructions for loading UC in Pubg Mobile Korean version

When compared to the global version, the Korean version of PUBG Mobile offers more items and rewards. The in-game store also has a better UC conversion rate, which means players get more UC for the real money they spend on deposits. If you want to load UC in Korean server, follow the instructions presented in the article.

How to load UC PUBG Mobile Korean version 2021

To load UC in PUBG Mobile KR, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile CRAZY and touch UC . icon located in the upper right corner of the home screen.

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Step 2: Select the amount of UC you want to load.

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Step 3: Payment confirmation. UC will be transferred to your account as soon as payment is completed.

Note: Korean and Japanese players should have no problem purchasing UC through the in-game recharge center. However, since players from other countries are not actually located in this region, they will have to make transactions via international debit or credit cards.

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Link to download PUBG Mobile KR:

=> Link Download PUBG MOBILE KR for Android

=> Link Download PUBG MOBILE KR for iPhone

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