How to level up fast in GTA Online 2021

You want to level up as quickly as possible to unlock content in GTA Online? Here are some useful tips to effectively level up in GTA Online 2021 that you can apply to achieve your desired goal.

Quite a lot of features in GTA Online Unlocked only when the player reaches a certain level of reputation (RP). It deals with vehicles and weapons you can use, missions you can participate in, abilities you can use and more. The higher you level up, the better your gear will be, with the maximum cap being a Minigun at level 120 and the ability to stock 10 armor sets in your inventory at level 135.

How to quickly increase cap in gta online 2021

Instructions on how to level up quickly in GTA Online 2021

While you can gradually increase your RP by completing various quests and jobs, if you want to level up fast to enjoy all the game has to offer at once, you need to participate in the quests. suitable type of activity. And in the guide how to level up fast in GTA Online, will help you with that.

Tips to level up fast in GTA Online 2021

1. Collect goods

how to increase level in gta online fast

When you reach level 12, you will be able to go around the map to collect goods. A notification will appear in the upper right corner of the screen when the quest is available. And if you choose to do, markers on the minimap will appear showing where the cargo has been dropped. Killing armed NPCs guarding the goods and opening crates, you can earn between 3,000 and 5,000 RP points per crate. Overall, this is the best and easiest way to earn RP in the game.

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2. Spin the wheel of luck in the casino

how to get understanding in gta online

You can find the wheel of fortune inside Diamond and Resort casinos, and spin it every day for a chance to win 1 of 20 prizes. 5 of them are RP related, ranging from 2,500 to 15,000 RP – you have a 1/5 chance to increase your reputation using this method. If you already have a Podium Vehicle, tap the Vehicle Award slot again before the weekly update resets for a massive 20,000 RP reward.

3. Check out Newswire

Every Tuesday, Rockstar will update Newswire with details regarding weekly events that offer double reputation rewards. This can include a variety of special tasks. Regardless of the type of event, the RP double bonus is definitely a great opportunity to get more RP and cash at the same time. Checking Newswire can also provide you with details about discounts on car purchases or free items.

4. Enter Adversary mode

how to get cap fast in gta online 2021

You will need to form a team to earn RP this way. Adversary mode takes you to a team war and the team that survives will receive thousands of reputation points. Due to the combat-oriented nature of this mode, you will have an enjoyable gaming experience. The only downside is that you can’t fight solo, which causes many limitations.

5. Join an organization

how to level up fast in gta online 2021

GTA Online lets you do more than just do regular solo missions. You can even build a criminal empire with your friends. After having enough money, players can buy an office and start developing their own organization, inviting other players to join as associates. This will be a great source of RP as completing quests with the group will provide more rewards than regular solo quests.

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6. Win the car race

how to get cap in gta online

You can get up to 500 RP for each successful race and you don’t even need to be a winner. This may not sound impressive compared to other missions, but the races are faster. You can join multiple races in a row to accumulate RP. For example, a Criminal Record race can take as little as 30 seconds to complete if you set up the race to take place in a single lap. Overall, this is the perfect place to plow RP for new players due to its low difficulty – skip it once you’ve reached a relatively high rank.

7. Running away from the police

How to level up fast and understand in gta online

While this is not the fastest way to earn reputation points, you can do it from time to time to get certain bonuses. Each wanted level star will give you 100 RP – be careful when looking for higher level stars, because it’s not easy to escape the police in that case. It’s best to gain the wanted level by stealing cars or killing players, as those actions will also give you some RP in the process.

8. Pick a reasonable task list

how to get cap fast in gta online

Quests are the bulk of the game’s content and contain all playstyles, as well as objectives. Try to combine the quests with the highest RP rewards into a list, then do it yourself or combine with a group. You will complete the tasks you know faster and that will make RP plow more efficient.

Leveling up in Grand Theft Auto Online can be quite challenging, but following the tips and tricks shared above will definitely help you level up quickly.

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