How to join the legion in Free Fire?

Joining the legion in Free Fire Help gamers easily interact with many other players and join together in the top race to win many valuable rewards. However, how to join a legion in Garena Free Fire not everyone knows how. Invite you to refer to the instructions below of the game fun offline.

Step 1: Please open the game and proceed to login to your account as usual. From the main interface of Free FireClick on the legion icon on the right side of the screen.

Click the legion icon

Step 2: Legions will appear on the screen Free Fire for players to refer to. If you want to join any corps, please press the button Join yellow to join. However, there are legions that recruit free players, but there are also legions that set minimum conditions for player approval.

Click join

Besides, if you want to join a specific legion, gamers can enter keywords in the search box as below.

Search corps

Step 3: After joining a certain corps, the screen will have the interface below

Corps interface

Guide out of the legion in Garena Free Fire

In the event of not wanting to join any more corps in Free Fire, gamers can completely leave the way below, but this can only be done later 24h since you joined that legion.

Step 1: First, players visit that legion. Here, choose Member List in the left menu bar, then click on exit (Arrow icons indicate doors) in the lower right corner.

Escape from the legion

Step 3: Finally, just press OK to confirm it is done


Hopefully with the above instructions, you already know how to join a corps in Garena Free Fire to join the top race to win attractive rewards.

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