How to install Vietnamese for Dota Auto Chess

The current Dota 2 game supports the Vietnamese language, so now gamers who can play Dota Auto Chess game can play games with Vietnamese interface. With the development of different languages ​​for many countries, game developer Dota Auto Chess is looking to connect the gaming community around the world.

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Dota Auto Chess game is currently one of the most played titles on Steam and accounts for 50% of gamers playing games on Steam during the past February 2019. That number is enough for everyone to see how attractive the general fighting strategy game played on the chess board is. Although it is just a custom game of Dota, the number of players as well as the popularity of Dota Auto Chess is very envious of the newly released games today. Below we will guide you to set up the Vietnamese language for Dota Auto Chess.

Vietnamese language installation guide for Dota Auto Chess

Step 1:

Open Steam Go to your game library then navigate to the Dota 2 game.

Right click on the game Dota 2 -> Properties.

Step 2:

Right then the window Dota 2Properties appears, here please click to select the section Set launch option.

Step 3:

At the window Launch option Please select the language as Vietnamese by typing -language vietnamese and press OK to take note of the change.

Then turn off Steam and boot for the system to confirm your language. Next, open the game Dota Auto Chess to play the game with Vietnamese interface, the game Dota 2 will also display Vietnamese language.

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Above we have instructed you how to set the Vietnamese language for the game Dota Auto 2. Hope you will quickly complete the language settings for the game Dota Auto Chess.

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