How to install skins in Minecraft using TLauncher

Minecraft is a creative game famous around the world with many interesting features. If you are bored with the standard skin that the game provides, you can install the skin manually designed for the character. Here it is how to install skins in Minecraft.

Install Minecraft skin

Instructions to install skins for Minecraft

Of course, you must use the assistance of the third party software in it TLauncher is a good suggestion, worth a try.

Go to the TLauncher (TL) registration page: Always-on and enter the required information in the respective fields.

TLauncher registration page

After successful registration, you will be on your profile page. Here, you can install Minecraft skin.

User profile page on TLauncher

Click Upload skin you choose on the computer. We recommend the size 64×32. Alternatively, you can choose from TLauncher’s catalog with lots of beautiful Minecraft skins.

Minecraft skins catalog on TLauncher

Launch your favorite TLauncher that you downloaded and install the box next to it Accounts. Click on the tab Accounts In case you don’t have an account, open from the list, click Manage to go to the login page.

Select version of TLauncher you install

On this page, enter the registered information – username, email address and password. Knot Save automatically reactivated.

Enter your account information

If authorization is successful, on the main page of this launcher, you will see the username with TL icon. Now choose from the list of any version with the TL icon (that is, that version supports system skins) and run it. Minecraft game will have your skin.

Select version to install skin for Minecraft

Install Minecraft HD skin

What is HD skin in Minecraft? This is a high resolution skin (more pixels than the standard version). For example, the default skin is 64×32, HD skin can be 1024×512.

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With such a resolution, the skin image will be sharper. It can put in a lot of small details that make this skin impressive.

It is worth mentioning here that, HD skin is only available to users TLauncher Premium. After signing up for this service, check the account status. If everything looks good, you can now install the Minecraft HD skin right away.

Search for Minecraft HD skins on the Internet or through a directory Catalog available in TLauncher. Click on the HD skins tab and choose the Minecraft skin you like. Then, click the button Install.

Install HD skin for Minecraft

Now refresh your skin. Then go to Minecraft game and check out how the look changes the character you are playing in Minecraft!

The above is how to install Minecraft skin. Hope the article is useful to you.

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