How to install GameTV Plus to play Empire Online

GameTV Plus supports game play Empire Online Without the help of Garena, it helps you connect with passionate people around the world quickly. Thanks to the fast transfer speed, you can participate in extremely smooth AOE matches, with no lag or lag.

So how can I play Empire Online without Garena? We invite you to follow the following article of Please:

Install GameTV Plus to play Empire Online without Garena

Download GameTV Plus

Step 1: Download GameTV Plus to your computer, then double-click the installation file. Wait a moment for the data extraction to complete.

Extract the GameTV Plus installation file

Note: If during the installation process a notification window appears Windows Protect your PC then press More info, choose Run anyway.

Accept the installation

Step 2: At the greeting interface when you install this software, click next to continue with the installation.

Install GameTV Plus

Step 3: Next, click Change to select the save path of GameTV Plus, otherwise press next always.

Select the folder to install GameTV Plus

Step 4: Press Install to install GameTV Plus on your computer.

Install GameTV Plus

Step 5: Wait a moment for GameTV Plus installation to complete, whether this process is fast or slow depends on your computer configuration.

GameTV Plus installation process

Step 6: When it says that GameTV Plus installation is complete, check it Launch GameTV Plus and press finish to complete.

Finish installing GameTV Plus

Step 7: Immediately after that appears GameTV Plus login interface, proceed to login GameTV Plus account, if you do not have an account, click Sign up for an account to create a new account. If you pay attention, you will see GameTV Plus has a very similar interface to Garena. Currently, the new software only supports Empire, just click on Enter the game to experience this legendary game.

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Log in to GameTV PlusEnter the game

Step 7: Continue to click Channels To enter game rooms, chat, see the current number of players. In this window you can select channels, enter the game rooms by double-clicking on the rooms.


Video instructions to install GameTV Plus to play Empire Online

Now, you can connect with friends around the world, satisfying your passion through classic AOE matches. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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