How to install auto fishing in Play Together on PC, phone

Auto fishing is a trick applied by many players in Play Together because it helps to catch more fish as well as save the number of fishing trips. Of course, that will make you earn more money from selling fish so you can freely shop for the items you like. But not everyone knows how to install this mode. If you do not know how to install auto fishing in Play Together then you can refer to the instructions below of EmergenceInGame.

Play Together for Android

Play Together for iOS

Note: Currently, the new way of auto fishing is only applied to phones using Android operating system, so iOS users need to wait a little longer.

Step 1: You download the Macrorify application to your phone and then start the application. At the initial interface, press I agree

I agree

Step 2: Please select the device to play Play Together, if you use your phone to play, choose Telephone And if you play on an emulator, choose Emulator. Then press Next

Select machine type

Step 3: Please press Next

Tap Next

Step 4: Please allow Macrorify to draw on other apps by activating the blue switch as below

Allow Macrorify to draw on other apps

Step 5: You press Next Again

Press next

Step 6: Next, touch the word Turn off in the middle of the screen

Tap on the abbreviation

Step 7: Please select Macrorify at the top

Choose Macrorify

Step 8: Please enable Macrorify to automatically touch the screen, perform actions

Allow Macrorify to automatically touch the screen

Step 9: Please press Next to continue

Press next

Step 10: India Next once again

Press Next

Step 11: Tap the green tick in the middle of the screen

Tap the green tick

Step 12: At the interface of Macrorify, touch the icon Store

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Tap the Store icon

Step 13: Find and install the game Play Together

Install Play Together

Step 14: Please press Log in

Click Sign In

Step 15: After logging in and setting up, press Run

Press Run

Step 16: Now, exit Macrorify and open Play Together. At the game interface, tap the hand icon and then the play button icon as below

Touch the Play button

Step 17: Please agree to the installation terms and press Save

Control settings

Step 18: You press Save Again

Press Save

Step 19: After the installation is complete, you will see a white exclamation mark appear near the character’s name, you can adjust the box inside to overlap with the exclamation mark.

White exclamation mark

Good luck!

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