How to install and play the game Legendary Campaign on computer

Campaign Legend is a shooting role-playing game exclusively for mobile devices. But nowadays there are also many popular Android emulators that can help us install and play the PC Legendary Campaign. One of them is BlueStacks and Droid4X.

Download Legendary Campaign for iOS

Download Legendary Campaign for Android

Both of these emulators support users playing the Legendary Campaign game through the virtual keyboard. If your computer meets the configuration of BlueStacks, you can use this emulator, otherwise, Droid4X is also a perfect choice.

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How to play Legendary Campaign using Droid4X emulator.

Currently, Campaign Legend game is available on iOS and Android app stores, you just need to go in and download as usual. After the installation is complete, open the game, wait for the demo to finish running, we choose one of two ways to log into the game as below:

Sign in to the legendary campaign game
Tick ​​the box I have read and agree to the terms of service and then choose how to login

Step 2: Because choose to sign in with your Garena account here, it will have the interface as below. Enter your account information and click Login Now.

Enter your Garena account

Step 3: Notice of successful login, click OK to continue.


Continue to click Enter the game.

Enter the game

Step 4: Click the box that appears to name our character, and you’re done OK.

Name the character in the legendary campaign game
Character names must not contain spaces

Step 5: Click the screen to dismiss the message.

Guide to playing the legendary campaign game

Play Legendary Campaigns on PC using a simulator

If you are playing for the first time, you will be instructed in detail on how to play and manipulate the joystick. As in the image below, calculated by ordinal number, we have:

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1 – Red mind of the gun (used to aim and shoot).

2 – Scroll key (but only for smartphones).

3 – Replace bullets (reload).

4 – Button to sit down (avoid bullets).

5 – Fire button (left mouse click or press and hold the left mouse button).

The joystick to play the Legendary Campaign game

When moving, if the red crosshair hits the enemy, it will automatically turn red, easy to see.

How to shoot a gun in the legendary campaign game

During the game should pay attention to the number of bullets remaining in the ice to change at the right time.


  • Do not replace bullets when there is an enemy (unless required).
  • When changing, find a safe and discreet hiding place.
  • Each reload will take a certain time.


The enemy’s grenades will cause the character to lose a lot of blood, so need to move, avoid as far as possible. Even while in a sitting position, hiding behind an obstacle, a certain amount of blood is consumed.

Avoid grenades in the legendary Campaign game

Visually observable and it is easy to see who threw grenades to destroy first by looking above their heads (grenade picture or not?).

Play the legendary Campaign game on the computer
How to tell if an enemy can throw grenades or not?

After the first mission, the player will have a new female teammate who is extremely hot but equally talented, making the next mission more “easy to breathe”.

Get more teammates in the legendary Campaign game

This is the character information interface. Here, we can observe the overall amount, teammates, friends … and other related information.

Join the campaign
Click Campaign to start a new battle

Select the battle map by left clicking on it.

Choose the battle map game Legendary campaign

Battle information appears, select Next Go to combat.

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Introduction to the map about to join the battle.

Each card will have a small hint for players to make use of and increase the ability to complete the task.

Suggestions for each table

The teammate we receive will automatically fight without any command or control from the main player. However, do not rely too much on it, because if the enemy is too crowded, this combat friend can completely be defeated at any time.

Play the legendary campaign game using the BlueStaks emulator
Combining combat with teammates is the best way to win

For each completed task there will be a brief review and assessment. If it’s okay, maybe OK to continue or Play again to pass the post with better scores.

Mission in the legendary campaign game

The above article has just guided you to some basic operations when playing the Legendary Campaign game on BlueStacks emulator. However, according to personal experience of users, this emulator does not support gaming keyboards, so for games that require a lot of movement, continuously like this will be very difficult for players to complete the task. (especially the high levels).

For highly configurable computers, it is possible to reset to speed up BlueStacksBut with low profile machines, just enough to Install BlueStacks sometimes, you will feel the process of playing “lag”, jerky.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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