How to increase or decrease the wanted level in GTA V

Wanted Level or wanted level in GTA DRAW simply understood as the police response to your offense. Different activities lead to different levels of wanted. In this article, will guide you how to increase or decrease the wanted level in GTA V.

Wanted Level (wanted level) is one of the typical elements in the gameplay of GTA (Grand Theft Auto). It debuted with the original game released in 1997. Since then, the wanted level has remained the same and appears in every game in the series. So, it’s not surprising that Wanted Level is still present in GTA V – one of the blockbuster titles of 2013. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Wanted Level feature, also as How to increase and decrease the wanted level in GTA V.

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Increase and decrease the wanted level in GTA V

I- What is the Wanted Level or Wanted Level in GTA V?

Wanted Level is a feature in the GTA series that indicates a player’s wanted level by law enforcement. Each level is represented by a star. The more stars you have, the higher the bounty. Although this feature appears in all products of the series, each is different.

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Compared to previous games, the police force in GTA V is much more fierce and persistent when chasing criminals. The developer allows the AI ​​to overcome obstacles as well as introduce many new ways to capture players.

gta 5

The wanted level in GTV 5 ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 star being the lowest – “minor crimes” and 5 stars being the highest. Committing crimes repeatedly (murder, revenge against law enforcement, bank robbery, …) will result in an increase in your wanted level.

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II – Cheat code to increase/decrease wanted level in GTA V

Like Wanted Level, cheat codes are also another important factor in GTA gameplay. Each game part comes with a set of codes for players to receive some special privileges in the game. They basically erase the boundaries of the game, providing a completely different experience. You can literally become a god in Grand Theft Auto V, unleashing deadly punches with unlimited health and armor.

In GTA V, for players who want to defy the law, there are wanted level cheat codes to help you do that. The player can increase or decrease the wanted level at will. So you can commit a bunch of offenses and instantly drop your stars to zero. Or you can live an adventurous, risky life and play “hot chase” with hit levels. maximum firing.

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1. GTA V cheat codes for PC gamers

– Increased wanted level: FUGITIVE (+1 star)

– Reduced wanted level: LAWYERUP (-1 star)

You can also refer to other codes in GTA V. The list of GTA 5 codes you can see more here.

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2. GTA V cheat codes for Console

– Increased wanted level:



* Mobile: 1-999-3844-8483 [1-999-FUGITIVE]

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– Reduced wanted level:



* Mobile: 1-999-5299-3787 [1-999-LAWYERUP]

Unfortunately, there’s no cheat code that instantly reduces the bounty to 0. You’ll have to press the button again and again until the number of stars drops to 0.

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III – Instructions for entering cheat codes to increase/decrease the wanted level in GTA V

To help players save time and effort, Rockstar Games has made it very easy to use cheat codes in GTA V. You just need to remember the code, enter tilde key (-) and enter the code. You can use notepad or pin the cheat code directly to the screen. That’s how you enter cheat codes on your PC.

Especially the GTA codes on the computer are a series of numbers and characters that are difficult to remember, so to be able to enter the code easily and quickly, you cannot ignore the quick GTA code entry tip.

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direction of detention due to access to gta 5

For Console players, all you need to do is stay completely still and enter the correct sequence of buttons in a relatively quick manner. When the on-screen message appears, you have succeeded. On your phone, take out your character’s cell phone and dial the number using the code above.

IV – How to reduce wanted level in GTA V without cheat codes

To reduce your wanted level, you must stay out of sight of law enforcement for a certain period of time. The time increases with the number of stars you have. Check out the estimated time you need to reduce your desired wanted level in GTA V:

– 1 star: 30 seconds

– 2 stars: 45 seconds

– 3 stars: 1 minute

– 4 stars: 1 minute 15 seconds

– 5 stars: 1 minute 30 seconds

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V – Tips to escape from the police force in GTA V

– Avoid using motorbikes or convertibles at high wanted levels because police tend to crash into getaway vehicles.

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– Use planes and boats to run away. Fleeing by air and water is easier than by land.

– Use scuba gear to dive deep into the water, but beware of sharks.

– Avoid highways or long, straight roads.

– Exit the FOV, enter the alleys, lanes or garages to cut off the police tail.

– Block the view by taking advantage of buildings or the difference in altitude to cut off the police.

Using airplanes in GTA V will be the best way to help you escape from the police force. However, not everyone knows how to control the plane in GTA V because it requires a lot of skills. To be able to use the plane fluently, you need to learn how to fly first.

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Link to download the latest GTA V:

=> Link download GTA 5 for Windows

=> Link download GTA 5 for Android

Whether you want to mock the police and not mind being chased, or want to live your day more peacefully in GTA V, you can simply increase or decrease the wanted level by following the direction Instructions shared above to satisfy your wishes.
In addition to GTA 5, players can refer to some games with similar gameplay but with much better graphics than this game.

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