How to increase DPI in Free Fire

How to increase DPI in Free Fire? The article will guide you How to increase the image resolution when playing the game Garena Free Fire.

Increase DPI for Free Fire on mobile

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Free Fire provides quite a lot of settings for you to tweak the game as you like. From sensitivity to button layout and more, you have complete control over how everything works. However, battle royale games often do not support DPI adjustments. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change this value. Here it is how to increase DPI in Free Fire.

What is DPI?

DPI or Dots Per Inch refers to the system sensitivity. This value measures individual dots or pixel density that can fit 1 inch (2.54cm). In other words, DPI shows the number of pixels in 1 inch. The higher this number, the greater the dot density.

You are probably familiar with the term using a mouse. Increasing DPI allows the mouse to cover more screen space in the same swipe. For example, your device is using 480DPI so when you move it an inch (2.54cm), the mouse pointer will move 480 pixels on the screen. Likewise, it will move 1600pixel when the DPI is 1600. 480 could also be the best DPI for Free Fire.

Play Free Fire in high resolution on mobile

Best DPI settings for mobile devices

Smartphones and other mobile devices are compact in size, so they do not have the full features of PCs and consoles. Unfortunately, DPI change is one of them. Currently it’s easy to find smartphones of all sizes, however, they often share the same default DPI values. Here are the recommended DPI when playing Free Fire on mobile:

  • 3GB RAM: 410 DPI
  • 4GB RAM or higher: 480 DPI
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Good tip: To find the best DPI for your device, set the font to minimum size.

Benefits of increasing DPI on smartphones

  • Increase the sensitivity or the number of pixels / inch on the screen.
  • Scroll faster with a swipe
  • Allows the player to cover more areas, possibly with more headshots.

How to increase DPI in Free Fire

Note, changing the DPI can adversely affect the device. If you still decide to do this, you can follow the instructions increase DPI to play Free Fire for mobile down here:

  • Open Settings > System > About Phone > Build Number > Touch Build Number 5 to 10 times to access Developer Mode.
  • In Developer Mode, you will have the right to increase the Smallest Width (DPI or PPI). By default, most devices have a value between 360 and 400.
  • Change the Smallest Width (DPI) to your liking.
  • Best DPI for Free Fire Headshot: Ideally between 410 and 480.
Headshot in Free Fire

In addition to the positive aspects mentioned above, you also need to know that changing the default DPI of the phone to a higher level means the smartphone will have to operate beyond its standard capacity. If you change DPI in the long run, you will be more likely to encounter the following problems:

  • Drain the battery and heat up the device fast
  • The system failure occurs 2 to 3 days after the DPI increase date. Just a light touch on the screen can cause the entire smartphone system to collapse.
  • Battery charge rate is low and battery life is reduced significantly.
  • An internal problem may occur.
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The above is how to increase DPI when playing Free Fire on mobile. Hope the article is useful to you.

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