How to get free Santino Free Fire characters

Santino is the latest character that Garena added to Free Fire after the release of OB38 version, he has two extremely special abilities, which are Mannequin Summoning and Teleportation. Today Taimienphi shares with readers how to get free Santino Free Fire characters.

Similar to previous updates, Free Fire continues to release a new character with the ability to summon and teleport skills to deceive enemies named Santino, gamers can receive Santino Free Fire characters for free. Full charge after depositing a certain amount of diamonds.

Reference: What’s so special about Santino Free Fire’s character skills?

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Free Fire tips get new Santino characters for free

How to Get Free Fire Santino Characters

The most effective method to receive the Santino character for free at the moment is from the Booyah Pass season 2, players who own the Booyah Pass Season 2 on February 1 will perform the mission, receive achievement points, and receive multipliers. free Santino Free Fire animals.
– Booyah Pass Season 2 card information
+ Open for sale starting from February 1, 2023.
+ Reward: Santino Free Fire characters and more
+ How to join: Top up Garena Free Fire card and use Diamonds to buy Booyah season 2, complete achievement quests to get Santino Free Fire character.

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Santino’s Mannequin Summon and Teleport are two active skill sets. These skills will basically serve the purpose of teleporting and fooling the enemy. That has made Santino the most noticed character at Free Fire OB38 update. Of course, in this updated version, there are also a few ways to get Free Fire OB38 free diamonds, helping players not have to load cards but still have completely free diamonds to use and buy Booyah Pass season 2. , buy new character Santino, attractive costumes or some other special items.

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