How to get Diamonds in FF MAX for free

Diamonds are a FF MAX in-game currency that allows the player to purchase weapon skins, characters, or Rename Cards. Besides the way to top up, there are quite a few other ways for players to get Free Fire MAX Diamonds for free. Soon, Taimienphi will introduce you to such ways of getting FF MAX Diamonds.

With the ways below, you can get FF MAX Diamonds for free without having to deposit real money. The how to get FF MAX Diamonds These are all 100% valid, so you can safely use them without worrying about your account being locked out.

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Instructions to get diamonds in Free Fire Max for free

How to get FF MAX Diamonds for free

1. Use the reward code

The reward codes in FF MAX often give players different items. Gamers can also get FF MAX diamonds through these reward codes.

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Free Fire Max game code is usually 12 to 16 characters long. Gamers can enter the code FF MAX at the game’s official Rewards page. Publishers FF MAX often release coupon codes to celebrate a special occasion or important esports event.

Recently, the FF MAX server held the Countdown to Light Fest event. Within the framework of this event, gamers have the opportunity to receive a Diamond reward code in FF MAX hourly.

Codes to receive FF MAX Diamonds usually have a very short time to use. Therefore, gamers need to enter the code as soon as possible. Some codes to receive FF MAX Diamonds are only valid at certain servers. Therefore, gamers cannot use these codes on other servers.

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2. Find errors on Advance Server of FF MAX

Advance Server is a test server before the official release of the game Free Fire Max. This is where developers test new game features before updating on global servers.

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When joining Advance Server, gamers can experience new features of FF MAX, send feedback to developers about errors arising in Advance Server, and receive rewards such as diamonds.

To report a game error, gamers just need to visit the page FF MAX Advance Server and login account. Then, click the . button Bug Report to report bugs to the developer. If the developer determines these bugs to be real, the player will receive free FF MAX Diamonds.

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3. Participate in FF MAX . events

FF MAX has many exciting events with countless valuable rewards for gamers. Players have a chance to get free FF MAX Diamonds when participating in these events.

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Some FF MAX events will give away random item crates when players invite friends to play Free Fire Max again. When opening these item boxes, players have the opportunity to receive thousands of free FF MAX Diamonds. Therefore, gamers should not miss the reward events in FF MAX.

In addition to the 3 ways mentioned above, you can get FF MAX Diamonds for free through the Google Opinion Rewards app, Mist Play…. These apps often require players to complete a chain of tasks to receive FF MAX Diamonds. free of charge.

It should be noted that gamers should not use illegal programs to get FF MAX Diamonds. If the game publisher finds out, you may be permanently locked out of the game for violating the terms of use of the game.

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Just now are the simplest ways to get free FF MAX Diamonds. Hope you get lots of Diamonds to buy cool skins in FF MAX!

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