How to get 100% successful Facebook green mark for personal page

A personal Facebook green tick is always the wish of anyone using the Facebook social networking platform. However, not many people know how to get a personal Facebook green mark even though they have met the criteria of Facebook.

In the context of fake accounts appearing rampant on Facebook, a personal Facebook green check will help people recognize which is the main account and which is a virtual account.

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Quick guide to personal Facebook green mark

I. What is Facebook green tick?

The Facebook green tick is similar to the Twitter green tick or the Youtube green tick, which is a round blue checkmark that appears right next to the account name, only appearing on fanpage or famous individuals with influence. It shows that this account has been verified by Facebook.

II. What does it mean to go green on personal Facebook?

– Facebook only provides green ticks for famous brands or individuals who have influence on the public, so registering for personal Facebook green ticks will certify your Facebook account as a real account. certain trust with users. Just like when we search for the account of a certain celebrity on Facebook, the account that appears first with a new green check is the main account.

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– In addition, owning a personal Facebook green tick will also make your account more difficult to fade than a regular account, limiting forgery and being reported as a fake person.

III. How to get a personal Facebook green mark?

Similar to go green on TwitterFacebook provides users with 2 ways to earn personal Facebook green marks:

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– Perform personal page verification: Users will provide information and submit a personal Facebook green application form.
– Buy Facebook green ticks: Users will pay a monthly service fee, ranging from 12 USD – 15 USD to get a personal green Facebook status.

IV. The simplest way to earn a personal Facebook green mark

1. Perform profile verification

– Not all accounts are approved for a green check by Facebook, so before performing personal page verification, you need to note a few conditions when applying for a green check on Facebook below to easily pass the censorship round. by Meta.

+ Personal page must ensure complete and accurate information.
+ Never committed a violation of Facebook’s community policies.
+ Reach at least 100,000 followers
+ Have at least 5 articles proving that your profile serves the public interest, excluding paid content or advertising.

– When you have met the approval criteria for your personal Facebook green tick, you can download Facebook to your computer, verify your personal page for a green credit by following the steps below.

Step 1: Access the Facebook profile verification link HERE
Step 2: In What are you verifying?you choose Personal page => Then fill in the information one by one in the Verify Page or Profile form.

– At the add link section, the more links you add, the more authentic your Facebook account will be, the easier it will be to approve your personal Facebook green check.

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Step 3: Press Send and wait for response from NPH.

==> The approval process is fast or slow depending entirely on the information you provide to meet the conditions set forth by Facebook. If you see the verified badge on your profile, Facebook has accepted and approved your account.

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2. Buy green ticks Facebook

If you are not patient enough to wait for the approval of a green credit from the NPH, you can buy a Facebook green card. Currently, Meta has deployed a monthly trial of the service for users who want to own a Facebook green badge. Specifically, you will sign up for the Meta Verified service on the website or through the iOS app to receive a blue badge right next to your Facebook account. For details on how to buy Facebook green ticks, readers can refer to the link below.

Reference: How to buy green ticks on Facebook
Above, Taimienphi has just sent readers 2 ways to help you own a Facebook green mark. Depending on the economic conditions and ability of each person, the appropriate method of increasing the Facebook green mark will be chosen. Hope the above sharing is useful to readers. Good luck !

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