How to fix connection error game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Can’t connect to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game server? The article will provide you with these How can we fix Fall Guys game connection error?.

How to fix the game Fall Guys

Download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Simple, competitive gameplay among colorful beans has created a “fever” on the global Internet. And like all other beloved games, Fall Guys still had some problems.

If you’ve been playing Fall Guys since its release on August 4, 2020, you may have encountered a server connection error. This is a nasty incident. The developer once admitted this unfortunate bug on Twitter due to the high number of people accessing the game at the same time:

The company admitted connection errors on Fall Guys

While this bug is basically out of control, there are still a few possible ways we can Fix Fall Guys disconnection error.

How to fix connection error game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Check Internet connection

You should check the network stability and make sure there are no problems with the connection. Please check your Internet speed to make sure everything is working properly. Then download Fall Guys again, the problem can be solved.

Consider the time you play for the day

Change the playing time of Fall Guys

Many people reveal that playing Fall Guys at certain times of the day will help you avoid server errors. According to Steamcharts, the average Fall Guys has between 100,000 and 160,000 players at all times of the day, with its peak being around 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. EST (around 2 p.m. in Vietnam). Therefore, if you want to play Fall Guys smoothly, you should avoid this rush hour.

Wait and relax

If the two above methods do not help you fix the Fall Guys disconnection error with the following message:

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Fix the error of failing to connect to the Fall Guys server

You can only wait for the vendor to fix the problem because this is due to an overloaded server error. Relax, sip a cup of tea and read the Fall Guys tutorial so that when you return you can cross the table faster.

Above are some how to fix Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game server disconnection. Hope the article is useful to you.

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