How to fix Chat Voice error on PUBG Mobile

During the game PUBG Mobile Gamers often use mic or voice chat to communicate with teammates, announce tactical positions or make quick shots, surprise attacks on effective opponents.

If you are using a mic or Voice chat in PUBG Mobile but suddenly stopped working, no way to turn it on. Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to fix this unnecessary problem.

voice chat on pubg mobile

Troubleshooting Voice Chat in PUBG Mobile

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How to fix voice chat error on PUBG Mobile

In some cases you can hear your friends but they can’t hear you, and sometimes you can’t hear your teammates’ conversations but they can hear you. And to fix this case, please follow us.

1. Restart the game

– There are many errors that arise when users play for a long time and to solve that problem, you need to restart the game or phone if necessary. This won’t affect anything, don’t worry.

– In some cases, this can solve quite a few problems that arise.

2. Upgrade to the latest version

– Usually games of the Battle Royale or Moba genre like PUBG, Arena of valor … and other games often have minor upgrades, fixing some bugs. And that also causes some bugs, so check regularly and upgrade the game to the latest version.

– With the above, you can also fix some errors about Chat Voice in PUBG Mobile.

3. Check the volume and connection

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– Make sure you don’t set the volume of PUBG Mobile to 0

– You also try to switch to a new mode or new server is also a way to fix this situation, sometimes the mode you are playing has problems or problems.

4. Check internet connection

– Ping in a high state can also affect your game play, Voice Chat is no exception. Therefore, make sure you have a good internet connection.

5. Some other fixes

– Press the Home button to return to the main screen and then back to see if your mic works again.

– Turn on and off the Speaker and Mic feature.

– Use another software like Discord on your phone or emulator, you can refer to this issue in detail by following our link below.

+ Instructions use Discord, voice chat between gamers here
Above are some methods to fix Chat Voice error on PUBG Mobile by Taimienphi. If you have a better trick, don’t hesitate to comment in our comment section below to let everyone know, how Using Voice Chat in PUBG Mobile Not everyone knows, it brings a lot of efficiency to players.

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