How to fix and fix errors quickly and effectively

You are having trouble accessing the electronic tax website but do not know what the cause is, how to fix it. So let Taimienphi tell you 4 most effective ways to fix errors, let’s find out right here.

In the era of strong digital transformation, the public service makes it easy for users to declare taxes, but it becomes difficult for those who are not familiar with technology. So if you are having an error when using, try to fix it in the way that Taimienphi introduces below.

sua loi thuedientu gdt gov vn

The most effective guide to fix error

I. Reasons for error

There are many reasons why users cannot access It can come from your own browser or it can also come from the e-Tax server.

Chrome browser is old.
– Server is overloaded or faulty.
– The extension version installed on Chrome is not correct.
– Chrome browser has old history saved.

II. Fix the error of not being able to access on Chrome

1. Install eSigner Java latest version

– eSigner Java software is an application that helps connect digital signatures and electronic tax pages when submitting declarations. So if the eSigner Java software is too old, does not run the correct version compatible with the browser or the extension eSigner.Chrome.TCT, then surely accessing will fail.

– Download link eSigner Java Latest version here.

2. Update Chrome to the latest version

– Sometimes the error of accessing may come from your Chrome browser being too old, not supporting enough features to make the E-Tax page unable to function properly. In this case updating Chrome is the best solution.

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– Download link Google Chrome Latest version here.

3. Clear browsing data

Step 1: Open Chrome, select three-dot icon => Enter Setting.

Other ways to fix the system

Step 2: In Privacy and securityselect Clear browsing data.

stipulates the right of way

Step 3: Adjust the time Ever.
Step 4: Check 3 boxes “Browsing History”, “Cookies…”, and “File…” => Press Delete data.

sua loi thuedientu gdt gov vn on google chrome

4. Uninstall and install the extension ESigner.Chrome.TCT

Step 1: Open Chrome browser, go to Utilities icon => Click three dots icon.
Step 2: Press Remove from Chrome.

I am not able to log in to the government office

Step 3: Press confirm Erase.

The fastest way to fix this problem is gov vn

Step 4: Download extension ESigner.Chrome.TCT 1.0.8 about the machine =>Decompression.
Step 6: Enter Extensionsturn on Developer Mode => Select Download the unzipped utility.

I'm sorry to say that I understand what you mean by govt

Step 7: Select the file containing the downloaded eSigner.Chrome.TCT extension => Click Select Folder.
Step 8: Restart the browser and visit page again to use the service.

I can't get into the website to access the gov vn website on the computer.

Above are some ways to fix error so that you can use the electronic tax service. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Good luck.
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