How to find Redstone in Minecraft

Redstone – Redstone is one of Minecraft‘s most precious ores. The article will guide you How to get Redstone when playing Minecraft.

Find red stones in Minecraft

Although not used to craft swords, armor like metal ores, Redstone affects your Minecraft gameplay in many different ways. Redstone is a key ingredient in many Minecraft recipes and gameplay mechanics. It automates certain processes so you don’t have to work hard. Plus, it also gives a lot of experience to level up faster.

You can usually find large quantities of Redstone at level 16 and below on Bedrock. A redstone ore drops about 4-5 rock dust per block, stacking 64 dust to form a single ore block in your inventory.

How to find Redstone in Minecraft


Redstone is not a rare ore Minecraftbut without digging it will save you considerable time and effort. Instead, you can find Redstone in certain areas of the game.

In the village

Find red rocks in Minecraft village

If you happen to be passing by a village with a temple (the pebble structures shown above), jump right in and pick up your stuff. There is a 25% chance of finding 1-4 redstone ore dust in chests inside the temple. While not an impressive figure, it will save you time. Plus, if you’re participating in a Minecraft village expedition, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring more loot home?

Dungeon – Dungeon

Red stone in Minecraft's dungeon

If you can locate the Dungeons on the map, they will be a great resource for loot redstone. Dungeon chests have a 26.6% chance of containing 1-4 Redstone dust. You can easily see Dungeons in caves or at mining. That is a great reward in the journey of discovery. But be careful! These Dungeons are breeding sites for mobs. You can disable the mod’s spawn cage by placing a torch on it!

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Red stones in the stronghold of Minecraft

The stronghold is another good place to collect Minecraft’s red rock ores. The citadel contains tons of treasure chests that offer different opportunities for loot depending on the area. For Alter chests, there is a 12% chance to find 4-9 Redstone dust and this number is 18.6% for a Storeroom chest.


Mining red stones in Minecraft

Redstone mining is a traditional and always effective method when playing Minecraft. A lot of red stones can be found at level 16 and below on Bedrock. You should move to level 12 or lower for the best mining productivity. You can find both red stones and diamonds, as well as many other ores there.

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