How to find and use Allay Mob in Minecraft 1.19

Allay is a flying mob similar to Vex in Minecraft game, it can assist the player by transporting items. In this article, let’s learn more about Allay Mob Minecraft 1.19 with Taimienphi, how to find and use it most effectively.

Allay is a helpful friendly mob that can help the player a lot, they officially appear when the player Minecraft update 1.19 The Wild Updatesimilar to Frog.

how to find and use allay mobs in minecraft 1 19

Allay Mob search location in Minecraft 1.19

1. What is Allay Mob in Minecraft?

Allay was announced at Minecraft Live 2021 and won the hearts of fans to become the official new mob in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update. It is a mob that can collect specific items and give them to the player. Allay Mobs are similar in size to bees, but can fly much higher.

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how to find and use allay mobs in minecraft 1 19 2

2. How to find Allay in Minecraft 1.19

Players can create Allay Mobs using spawn eggs in creative mode. Otherwise, they will spawn in the following locations:
– Pillage Outpost: Similar to the Iron Golem, Allay was born trapped inside the wooden cage around the Pilager Outposts. Each cage can hold up to 3 Allays, you just need to break the cage for them to escape and serve you.
– Woodland Mansions: The player can find cage rooms on the ground floor of Woodland Mansions, which contain 4 cobblestone cages, each with 3 trapped Allays. The player can use nearby levers to open doors and release them all.

How to find and use allay mobs in minecraft 1 19 3

3. What does Allay Mob in Minecraft do?

Allay’s sole function is to collect items. Allay selects a physical item and searches for copies of it for the rest of the time giving it to its owner. To request a search, simply throw an item at Allay. Then it starts looking for duplicates of that item. In general, players can use allay as item collectors in farms.

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4. Tips for using Allay Mob in Minecraft 1.19

Allay Mob can be of great help in Minecraft automation. Here are the most effective ways to use Allay Mob in Minecraft 1.19 that players need to know:
– Allay can make the collection system in automated farms much faster without using complicated Redstone mechanics.
– An Allay group can help you collect items after an explosion and kill mobs.
– Since Allay can hold up to 64 copies of an item, you can also use it as a portable storage.
– Use Allay to create an automatic sorting system, collect similar items in the same area or chest.
– Use Allay to find lost or accidentally dropped items.

How to find and use allay mobs in minecraft 1 19 4
So you and Taimienphi just went to find out what Allay Mob in Minecraft 1.19 is? Search locations and how to use them most effectively. Hope the article is useful for readers.

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