How to download Instagram Story, save other people’s highlights on Instagram

Stories on Instagram often disappear after 24 hours of posting and users cannot download them in the usual way. So how to download, download Instagram Story? Follow the tutorial below with to know how to download Story videos on Instagram to your phone quickly and simply.

Currently, there are many ways for users to download Instagram Story such as using 3rd party software or downloading Instagram Story through intermediary Web sites.

how to save instagram stories

How to download Instagram Stories, save other people’s stories

Instructions to download Instagram Stories to your phone

1. Download Instagram Stories with Music on Android

1.1. Quick start Guide

Open the app Story Saver for Instagram => Open Instagram open video Story want to download => Select 3 dots icon => Select Copy link =>Paste the copied link into the Story Saver for Instagram app => Press Download.

1.2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: You need to install the Story Saver for Instagram app for Android following the link below:

+ Download link Story Saver for Instagram for Android.

Step 2: Open Instagram on your Android phone. You can download Instagram here if you don’t have one.

+ Download link Instagram for Android.

Step 3: Select 1 Instagram Story video => Select the 3-dot icon => Select Copy link

news on instagram

Step 4: Open Story Saver for Instagram just downloaded later paste the link in the box (as shown) => Select next Download.

how to tell someone else's instagram story

Step 5: After successful download message click on arrow icon. Here will show all the videos you have downloaded.

tai video story instagram

With just a few basic steps, you can download other people’s Instagram Stroy videos to your phone.

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In the process of using Instagram, if you are facing an error that cannot post a Story but do not know how to fix it, you can refer to the detailed instructions in the article below..

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2. Download Instagram news on iPhone

*Attention: This method is applicable to both computers and Android phones without having to install an application that supports downloading Instagram Story.

2.1. Quick start Guide

Open the Web storysaver =>Enter Instagram name who want to download Story video => Select Download =>Verify Captcha => Select Save as video to download Instagram Stories to your phone.

2.2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Visit website StorySaver there is a link below

Step 2: On the Web site interface enter Instagram account name want to download Story => Click Download. You can download Instagram here to make it easier to see the name of the person you want to download the Story.

+ Download link Instagram for iPhone

how to make instagram story

Step 3: Confirm the code Captcha => After confirming the video is displayed, choose Save as video to download Instagram Story videos to your device.

news story instagram and phone

So you can download Stroy Instagram Online for iOS with just 3 simple steps without having to use 3rd party software.

3. Download Instagram Story on computer

3.1. Quick start Guide

Open a Web browser to access the homepage StorySaver =>Enter username in the empty box => Select Download =>Confirm Captcha => Select Save as video => Select 3 dots icon => Select download videos.

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3.2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Open a Web browser on your computer and access the StorySaver Web site by following the link below.

tai video news instagram news

Step 2: Here you Fill in Instagram name information the person who wants to download Instagram highlights into the box then press Download.

tai video story instagram

Step 3: Now you need Captcha code confirmation to be able to download Instagram Story on your computer.

how to save instagram video on computer

Step 4: Select Save as video to save Instagram stories.

tai video news instagram news

Step 5: Now the video appears select 3 dots icon => Select Download videos.

download video story instagram ve may Tinh

Downloading videos on Instagram is also simple, if you are surfing Instagram and see there are many good videos, want to save it to your phone, please see a few ways to download Instagram videos that has instructed.

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Above is a guide on how to download Instagram Stories for Android phones, iPhones and computers to help you easily download other users’ stories on Instagram.

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