How to download and play the game Rooter Defense

If you are a lover of tower defense strategy games on your phone, Rooter Defense is the perfect choice for you. The following article Taimienphi will guide you how to download and play Rooster Defense game on Android and iOS.

In Rooter Defense, the main task of the player is to build and arrange a place to place weapons to prevent the Minions’ march. collect gold to upgrade weapons… Of course, the difficulty increases with each level, making Rooster Defense game players not bored, more excited.

Rooster Defense – Tower defense strategy game on Android and iOS

Instructions for installing and playing the game Rooter Defense

Step 1: On your web browser, click the link to download and install the Rooster Defense strategy game that matches your operating system.

=> Link Download Rooter Defense for Android

=> Link Download Rooter Defense for iPhone

Step 2: Open the game after successful installation, start automatic system update to the latest version, then you are instructed how buy and upgrade the hut (watchtower) like.

how to play rooster defense 2 game

Step 3: After the upgrade is complete, you move they go to the defensive position on the map and kill the monsters, when they die, the player Rooster Defense gets it Yellow.

how to play rooster defense 3 game

Step 4: When you pass a certain level, you get Chest rewards include Gold, Gem, watchtower cards and … have the opportunity to receive new items with much stronger attack power.

how to play rooster defense 4 game

After collecting a certain number of cards, the player can level up the watchtower by entering Turret in the left corner of the screen => select cabin need upgrade and click Upgrade.

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how to play rooster defense game 5

Purple Diamonds are a valuable resource that the player can only obtain through progress in the game, use Purple Diamonds to purchase high-level eggs for more powerful weapons. Also every day players get 5 openings Free punish normally.

how to play rooster defense 6 game

In general, how to play Rooster Defense strategy game on Android and iOS phones is relatively simple, you just need to follow the instructions of Taimienphi to ensure success. Also, don’t forget to participate in events and get the latest Rooster Defense game code from the publisher.

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