How to download and play the game Clue Hunter

Are you bored of shooting games like COD Mobile VN, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire … want to try your hand with intellectual puzzle games, brain hacking ??? Download and play the game Clue Hunter Immediately if you are trying to challenge your brain.

Clue Hunter is a new puzzle game from the publisher Lion Studios for devices running Android and iOS. In Clue Hunter, players play the role of a talented male detective to investigate and find the true culprit behind, each level has different difficulty in increasing form.

clue hunter game and player

Clue Hunter – Intellectual puzzle game from Lion Studios

Instructions to download and play the game Clue Hunter

Step 1: Download and install according to the link below, choose the operating system Android or iOS Suitable for devices using gaming Clue Hunter.

=> Link download Clue Hunter for Android

=> Link download Clue Hunter for iPhone

Step 2: How to play the game Clue Hunter is relatively simple, you just need to choose one of 2 suggestions below for character use, investigation and investigation. If you choose right, you will go through the screen and get a posterity remuneration, if you are wrong, of course you must play the screen again => answer choose a vacuum.

clue hunter game and player

You can get more remuneration if you click Claim yellow button to watch the advertisement (only when connecting to internet 3g / 4g / wifi) otherwise press next.

How to play clue hunter game on your phone

Each level of Clue Hunter gaming has content closely related to each other like a TV series, here you still have to how to help the girl find evidence of the guy’s adultery = > select open the window.

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clue hunter game

In general, the game Clue Hunter has a quite simple graphic design, not fancy, but still attracts a lot of people to download and install every day. The game challenges your brain, judgments and handling situations => choose Speak and Mouse.

Download and play clue hunter game on iOS

With the money received after helping the client solve the case, you can use it to unlock the new character’s appearance in the system Skins ShopSometimes you even get it for free by clearing any level (level) while playing.

clue hunter game
Through the article on how to download and play the game Clue Hunter, you must have understood all the rules, right now, focus on playing to see how many puzzles you pass. Brain Out is also one of the great puzzle games, interested readers can consult how to download and Brain Out game play on your phone Follow the instructions here.

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