How to download and install PUBG Lite without fake IP

Survival shooter PUBG Lite is gradually expanding the market through recent tests. Currently PUBG Lite is testing in 5 countries of Southeast Asia, Thailand – Indonesia – Malaysia – Philippines – Singapore.

Previously, this project launched with the desire to increase the number of players playing Battle Royale PUBG game in Thailand, so it developed PUBG Lite specifically for Thai gamers. However, there is a little change, so PUBG Lite will develop for the Southeast Asian market, most likely in the coming time Vietnamese gamers will be able to play this shortened, lightweight PUBG game officially.

However, at the present time, to play PUBG Lite games, people still use Fake IP software, which causes quite a lot of inconveniences. This article will guide you to play PUBG Lite without Fake IP quite simply.

How to install the game PUBG Lite without Fake IP

Step 1:

At Garena’s shortcut icon outside the desktop, please select the right mouse button -> Properties.

Open the Garena settings window
Open the Garena settings window

Step 2:

Window Garena Properties appears, press select to tab Shortcut. Here you navigate to the item Targer and paste the “-toggleapp 32844“at the end of the main path.

Next press Apply and OK to save your action.

Change Garena's path
Change Garena’s path

Step 3:

At this point we will start to boot Garena to begin setting up within this application.

At the main interface, click to select the gear icon to enter the window Setting.

At the window Setting select to tab General to switch languages. The language section is defaulting Vietnamese, please select English Thailand and press Save to complete the change.

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Switch the language of Garena
Switch the language of Garena

Step 4:

Now we close Garena and re-login our Garena account to update the changes. Soon you will see on Garena there appears PUGB Lite game, click on it to download the game to your device. After completing the download, click on the icon – Gaming Red circled below.

Start playing PUBG Lite on the computer
Start playing PUBG Lite on the computer


  • The process of downloading and installing PUBG Lite according to the above instructions will not require gamers to Fake IP, but later to play the game you must install a stable Fake IP software to play the game.
  • In addition to limit lag when playing games, we can “fool” the game by quickly turning off fake IP when entering the game and boarding the plane to parachute.

Above we have shown you how to quickly download and install PUBG Lite without Fake IP. Hopefully Vietnamese gamers will soon experience this perfect shortened PUBG game officially.

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