How to download and install OBS Studio 32bit, 64bit on PC

OBS Studio is the most popular and free live streaming software available today. With a lot of diverse features, convenient and easy to use. Right now, you can download and install OBS Studio software on your PC, livestream on famous platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch,… join the Streamer world.

OBS Studio of NPH Community, is the software that supports livestream on many of the most famous social networking platforms today. After downloading and installing OBS Studioyou will experience an easy-to-use interface, along with extremely easy video customization features according to the wishes and needs of the user.

how to fix and install obs studio

Free Download OBS Studio PC

I. Link to download OBS Studio PC 32bit and 64bit version

– Download link OBS Studio 32bit Latest version here
– Download link OBS Studio 64bit Latest version here

II. Instructions for installing OBS Studio on PC

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Download and install Battle.Net software according to the link below.
Step 2: Choose your favorite game, enter your bank card information and proceed to purchase the game.

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: You should first check Windows 32bit or 64bit before downloading OBS Studio.
Step 2: Load OBS Studio according to windows version in use from above link.
Step 3: Select location to save OBS Studio installation file => press Save.

How to install and install studio obs on pc

Step 4: Click OBS Studio installation file.

how to install obs studio on pc

– Select Runstart the software installation.

how to set up obs studio on pc

– Press next to continue.

how to install and install obs studio 32bit on pc

– India next to continue installing OBS Studio

how to install and install obs studio 64bit on pc

– Click Browseselect the software installation location => press Install.

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download obs studio 32bit pc

– After completing the installation of OBS Studio, select Finish.

download obs studio 64bit pc

Step 5: The system will automatically open OBS Studio on your PC, the main interface of the software will be displayed as shown below.

Huong started listening and setting up obs studio on computer

After successfully downloading and installing OBS Studio on your PC, you can using OBS Studio software Support you to record quality videos, record livestream screen to share with friends or others.
At the same time you can live Stream on Facebook or play live video on Youtube, Share engaging content and funny moments with everyone.

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