How to download and install Garena Plus on a computer

Garena Plus is a free software for playing games and streaming games. Installing Garena Plus on your computer will help players around the world connect to the same game room and play the same game.

Not only that, this tool also features like a chat room, a miniature gamer community, shortening the distance between them through games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Assault, Warface …

Download Garena Plus for free for Windows

Not only that, this game support software also integrates a lot of “hot” games on the market as well as game rooms with the number of participants up to more than 200 while still ensuring a good connection and stability.

Garena Plus

Step 1: First, you access the link above to download the Garena Plus installation file to your computer.


Step 2: Select the link below or click on the item Download corresponding (there is also an installation with Vietnamese language for players).

Download link
Select the version Garena you want to install

Step 3: Select a location to save the installation file on your computer Save again.

Save file garenainstall about computers

Install Garena Plus on your computer

Step 1: Access to the folder containing the downloaded installation file above, double-click on that file to proceed with the installation.

Installation file
Double click the left mouse button on the file to install Garena

Step 2: At the first interface, select next to begin.

Press next on the window Garena + Setup

Step 3: Click Browse … to choose where to install the software on your computer Install, or you can choose to always install Garena Plus at its default location.

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Software size is not large, but still requires installation directory to have free space at least 180MB.

Press Install to start the installation process Garena + on the computer

Step 4: Wait a moment for the installation to complete, then click finish to close the settings window. You can also tick the item Run Garena + to launch the software as soon as the installation window closes.

Successful installation of Garena Plus

This is the main interface of the software, you log in Garena account enter and then select the next item Login Garena.

Main interface
Garena login interface

And here is the software interface after successful login. Here, we can see Garena Plus has a lot of game options available as well Lan icon to support game play. (Card-looking How to play Empire on Garena).

Logged in successfully
The list of friends in your Garena account

Wish you all success!

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