How to download and install CapCut Pro, unlock CapCut Premium

For those who are passionate about video editing, CapCut’s basic features alone are not enough to satisfy their creativity. So downloading and installing CapCut Pro will be an opportunity for you to use advanced features and Pro tools, helping you create quality videos with extremely eye-catching top-notch effects.

By downloading and installing CapCut Pro, you not only unlock advanced features and edit premium templates, but also get 100GB of cloud storage, giving you the freedom to create and publish videos. quality, prototyping on the app and make money on CapCut more effective.

How to fix and install capcut pro

How to download and install CapCut Pro on your phone

Instructions to download and install CapCut Pro on Android and iPhone

– Currently, many users still mistakenly believe that CapCut Pro is an upgraded version of CapCut, but it is not. CapCut Pro is just a package that includes CapCut’s advanced features. You will have to pay a monthly fee to join CapCut Pro and use the advanced features CapCut has to offer. Therefore, downloading and installing CapCut Pro is essentially the process of downloading and installing CapCut and then registering to participate in CapCut Pro.

– To join CapCut Pro you do the following in turn:

Step 1: Download or Update CapCut latest version

– Link to download Android version: CapCut for Android
– Link to download iOS version: CapCut for iPhone

Step 2: Open CapCut and done Register an account. If you already have a CapCut account, you can skip this step.

– Enter I => Select the account login method (TikTok or Facebook)

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+ Example: Taimienphi Log in to your CapCut account via TikTok account.

how to install capcut apk pro

– Press Authority to grant permission to access the account.

Step 3: Select Join CapCut Pro.

premium capcut activation bonus

Step 4: Select CapCut Pro subscription package => Press Purchase.

– If you decide to use CapCut Pro for a long time, you should prioritize choosing monthly package or one year package to receive incentives from the Developer.

Step 5: Select payments => Press Register.

how to fix and install capcut pro on phone
Upon successful payment, you will be able to use Pro features and effects to edit videos. Along with that, there are other privileges and incentives that NPH gives to customers who register for a CapCut Pro account such as easily being approved to make money on CapCut, support post sample video to CapCut more quickly

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