How to counter general Blitzcrank in Wild Rift League

Blitzcrank is usually played in Dragon lane as a Support in Wild Rift Alliance, it possesses a skill set that causes extremely unpleasant effects for the opponent’s gunner, to be ready to confront this dangerous robot, pocket how to counter Blitzcrank in the divided Wild Rift League. Share in the following post.

Of the 40 champions currently available in League of Legends: Wild Rift, only 10 can be played as a support, and Bliztcrank is the most suitable champion when it comes to ranked matches. Although he was nerfed in the game’s 1.0A update, Riot only targets HP stats, healing, and ultimate damage. However, Bliztcrank’s real strength lies in his Rocket Grab hook and crowd control.

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Instructions for countering General Blitzcrank

If it is possible to perform a full combo, Bliztcrank guarantees to bring 1 kill to his team or else, the enemy will definitely have to use the Flash summoner spell. will share with you some tips and tricks to help you counter Blitzcrank in Wild Rift League.

Tips to counter Blitzcrank in Wild Rift League

1. Rocket Hand (Rocket Grab) cooldown and attack range

Always paying attention to where you are standing is the first tip to counter Blitzcrank. The more matches you play, the more you confront Blitzcrank, the better you can judge the range of the terrifying Rocket Grab. If shielding well enough and taking advantage of this ability’s 20s cooldown, in addition to saving lives, you can even put pressure on Blitzcrank.

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Once you get used to the range of the pull, it will be easier for you to dodge it. Standing behind minions or a prime location that is hard to reach by Blitzcrank can make this robot struggle a lot more than you might expect.

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2. Pick a champion to counter Blitzcrank in Wild Rift Alliance

2.1. Use Braum and Alistar against Blitzcrank

With the current limited number of champions, choosing a champion with better resistance like Braum or Alistar would be ideal. The “fatigue” champions like Soraka, Sona and Seraphine will be very easy to catch and finish by Blitzcrank.

Once Alistar reaches level 5, getting caught by Blitzcrank won’t be a big deal for him anymore as he is immune to crowd control and damage reduction effects with his ultimate. At level 3, Alistar can threaten Blitz using a basic combo along with the Summoner Spell (Ignite).

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Braum is also a good pick against Blitzcrank. His base stats can help save his life and he can jump backwards with ADC using Stand Behind Me if Blitzcrank throws Rocket Fist.

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Although Malphite, Jarvan IV, and Gragas are not on the list of supports in Wild Rift, they are also good options against Blitz. They have enough stamina and at level 5 they can start fighting more than Blitz can. Gragas can even dodge Rocket Hand with his Body Slam or attack an opponent’s ADC in specific situations.

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2.2. Use Janna and Nami for extra movement speed

If you are confident, choose Janna and Nami because they have the ability to deal damage and increase movement speed so that ADC can survive skill attacks. Lux will be a good choice if you decide to play hard because she has a better attack range than Blitz, as well as deals more damage and has the ability to poke more health.

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2.3. Choose a highly mobile ADC champion

Besides the very resistant Support champion like Braum and Alistar, you can also choose high mobility ADC champions such as:

* Ezreal

The best damage dealer to deal with Blitz in Wild Rift is Ezreal. Besides skill 3 – Arcane Shift. Ez’s key item is the Iceborn Gauntlet, which provides a slow, allowing him to deal damage if he can dodge Blitz’s Rocket Hand.

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* Vayne

Vayne’s first ability can dodge Blitz’s Rocket Hand. She can deal massive damage and put Blitz at a disadvantage with her extremely fast movement speed towards her target.

* Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa has a super cool 3rd skill that gives her a certain movement speed boost to help her stay alive.

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Each champion in Wild Rift has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can always figure out how to deal with certain champions and specific to Blitzcrank, apply the tips and pick counters shared by above to take advantage of facing champions. this.

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