How to “clear the island” Shadow Assassin game?

Assassin darkness – challenges action game, raid inspired by the movie of the same name adapted from the series Assassin’s Creed assassination game extremely famous. However, the context and gameplay of Game Hidden Assassin This is a little bit different, but no less dramatic.

Link playing the game Shadow Assassin Online on the computer or phone!

This is a webgame game that can be run in the browser, so you can comfortably experience it on your PC or smartphone (in vertical screen style), very convenient, simple and easy.

Click / Touch the screen to play the game

Main screen in Assassin hidden game will look like the one above. Your main task is to control the super assassin character, move skillfully in the raid base, in turn defeat all the soldiers in it according to the required number.

The main character and the target need to be destroyed

  • On the computer: click and move the mouse to create movement for the assassin, the best way is to circle behind and attack the enemy. Will limit detection and successful target assassination.
  • On mobile phones: touch and swipe on the touch screen, similar to that on a computer.

Take turns to defeat the opponent

The bonus levels will help players quickly increase the number of diamonds they have:

Quick defeat soldiers to receive diamonds

Unlock more killer characters in the Shop EmergenceInGame Shop:

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