How to chat with voice in Among Us?

Increased player survivability as well as more convenient during the game

Among Us is a highly speculative game aimed at finding the Imposter before they can destroy the ship and kill the other crew. In order to get rid of those impostors, all players will conduct discussions with each other and vote for which one then that person will be eliminated.

Although, the problem discussed in Among Us As important as that, this game lacks voice chat. However, if you want you can still activate this voice chat feature in Among Us following the steps below of the Game fun.

With this method, you can voice chat with your friends during the game. If played Among Us Before, you will know that, players will not be able to text in the discussion area after being killed. But this way, you can still have a voice chat with your friends at the same time even after you’ve been killed by imposters.

Guide to chatting via mic in Among Us

Step 1: Please download the application Discord to your phone and then proceed to register for an account. After completing your account registration, please Create a server by pressing Gaming and name and upload an avatar for the server.

Press gaming Create a server

Step 2: Now that your channel has been created, please click on Lobby in section Voice channel then press again Join the voice. Then, allow Discord to access the mic on your device.

Select lobby Join the voice

Step 3: You should see your channel appear in the section Lobby And when speaking into the mic, you will see the avatar with a green speaker icon as shown below. In case you want to invite friends to play Among UsClick the plus sign in the right corner.

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Speaker iconInvite friends

Step 4: You will receive a link to share your server with others. Please press Share Link and share via social networks or other phone apps such as Twitter, Viber, Telegram …

Share link Share social networks

Step 5: When your friends receive your link, please click on that link and then continue Accept the invitation to join your server.

Get the link Accept the invitation

Step 6: Lastly, just allow the app Discord Mic access on the device is done. You will see a voice channel appear to whom you have accepted the voice chat invitation.

Allow discord to access the mic Make new friends

With the steps above, you already know how to have voice chat, voice chat with teammates in Among Us for more convenience during the game.

Good luck!

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