How to charge Nintendo Switch via backup battery, USB C cable correctly

You might think the way to charge the Nintendo Switch is as simple as plugging the included charger into the body to charge it and it is not difficult to learn, but really everything going on inside is a little complicated. For example, when you take the device outside and not Nintendo Switch chargerHow to solve when you only have 1 piece USB-C cable? Does any USB-C charger work with the Nintendo Switch? (Macbook charger for example)?

How to charge the Nintendo Switch properly

All of the above problems are solved with just 10 minutes of reading the tutorial below!

How to charge the Nintendo Switch properly

The correct standard here is the standard of current including Volts (V), Amps (A) and Watts (W) and many other factors. If you use the wrong type, it can lead to many mild consequences, it could be a long full charge – long periods of time lead to bottle and heavy battery damage can result. (Touch source, die circuit …) like using a witty charger that does not have enough current.

First rule – Make sure the charging cable is on the correct USB C end

This rule seems never to be violated, but some people still make mistakes and its effects are almost immediate. The Nintendo Switch’s charging port is a USB Type C port (Called USB C for short). Other than Micro-USB standard (Some popular phones. PS4 controller, PS Vita cable …) good Mini-USB (The popular standard of old portable hard drives or PSP cables).

popular Nintendo Switch usb ports

When you go out forget to bring USB cable C or charging Nintendo Switch but the device is out of battery, want to play games. So immediately find some charger plugged in and do not look closely will immediately damage the pins on the body. Note that the charging port of the Nintendo Switch is soldered to the mainboard with the machine. So if you accidentally damage the charger there is no way to replace – fix it except send it to Nintendo.

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Rule # 2 – Charge your Nintendo Switch to the correct specifications from the cable to the charging cup, backup battery

Many of you are used to charging Nintendo Switch via a USB-C cable plugged into the charger like an iPhone, iPad or phone. This does not cause much damage to the charging process. However if the specifications are not correct (Electricity is weaker) The charger will be much longer than the original one – which also partially affects the life of the battery.

Nintendo Switch genuine power line charger

Learn about the specifications of the Nintendo Switch AC Adapter (The source “zin” according to the device) then it supports 2 currents:

Inside 15V / 2.6A enough for the Nintendo Switch to run both dock and handheld modes (Or you often call it while playing while charging still on the battery instead of dropping the battery). 5V / 1.5A handheld only.

From there, the need to buy a charging cup to combine with a USB-C cable, you need to meet at least 5V / 1.5A – Otherwise the charging situation will be unstable and insufficient current leads to slow charging or even when while playing while charging will lose the battery. According to research, the vast majority of chargers according to the phone are standard 5V / 1A, so not enough A will charge slower. If possible, you should invest The rechargeable cup is as good as the Anker can charge the phone while charging the Nintendo Switch, making it more convenient to go out.

Rule 3 – How to charge Nintendo Switch via Backup Battery should be careful of the battery capacity

For some of you familiar with how to charge the Nintendo Switch via the power bank, in addition to looking at the output parameters of the USB port on the Battery, you need to pay attention to the battery capacity factor. The built-in battery of the Nintendo Switch has a capacity of 4310mAh. Therefore, in order to fully charge the device you need a higher capacity to avoid charging, the battery is exhausted, you cannot fully charge the device, so when going out is always charging time. “Foolish”. Below is an estimate of the number of Switch charges based on the battery capacity:

  • 10,000mAh (5V) = 1.5 Switch charges
  • 10,000mAh (12V) = 1.4 Switch charges
  • 13,400mAh (15V) = 1.9 Switch charges
  • 20,100mAh (5V) = 3.1 Switch charges
  • 20,100mAh (15V) = 2.9 Switch charges
  • 26,800mAh (5V) = 4 Switch charges
  • 26,800mAh (15V) = 3.3 Switch charges
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rechargeable battery anker Nintendo Switch

If you often use the way to charge the Nintendo Switch via a backup battery, you should also note that you must deduct your play and charge. If you think buying a 5000mAh battery to charge your Switch with its 4310mAh built-in battery, that’s forgetting how to charge this Nintendo Switch is only right when applied when you turn off the device. While playing while charging will consume more battery power depending on the total time you play.

As you can see, the way to charge the Nintendo Switch is quite simple: Plug in and charge. But when using the machine as a handheld carried out regularly, you need to pay attention to how to charge the Nintendo Switch with the right type, right cable, right cup, and battery capacity. This is to increase your device’s lifespan as much as possible. Hope you spend 10 minutes to learn how to charge this useful Nintendo Switch!

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