How to catch and evolve Fletchling in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Fletching

Fletchling is the latest Pokemon Kalos in Pokemon Go. Here it is How to catch and evolve Pokemon Fletchling.

Pokemon Fletching

Fletchling is a Pokemon just released in the popular Pokemon Go game. The birth of it has delighted those who once loved the original ordinary Pokemon birds. Fletchling may not be really special, but it’s definitely the lovely bird you’d want to have in your Pokedex. And luckily, you can catch Fletchling in Pokemon Go right now. So, what are you waiting for without including it in the collection right away.

What is Fletchling in Pokemon Go?

Fletchling is a small Pokemon bird. You can find it in the Kalos region. Like many early Pokemon, Fletchling is of the Normal / Flying – Normal / Flying system type and is not really dangerous but extremely cute. Fletchling itself is not as strong, but it will evolve into Fletchinder, then Talonflame.

As its name suggests, Fletchling’s evolved form is a Fire / Flying dual system. This sets it apart from other basic flying-type Pokemon. If you need a powerful Fire – Fly combo in Pokemon Go then this is the ideal choice because it is basically Fire type so it is not affected by attacks from Earth Pokemon. Hence, as Fletchling evolves into Talonflame, it becomes a great choice for you.

Evolve Pokemon Fletchling

How to catch Fletchling in Pokemon Go

If you are lucky, you can find Fletchling immediately after opening the game, just take a walk around the house. If not, check Nearby Pokemon to see if Fletchling hits any Pokestops and you can easily get there.

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You can also own Fletchling by incubating the eggs 2km.

How to evolve Fletchling in Pokemon Go

Fletchling evolved similarly to other Pokemon in the game. All you need to do is collect candies.

  • Fletchling> Fletchinder – 25 candies
  • Fletchinder> Talonflame – 100 candies

100 candies is quite high for this brand new Pokemon, so to increase your chances, use Pinap balls while catching Fletchling. It will double the amount of candy you get from catching this Pokemon.

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