How to build the most effective Guard – Mat Tham formation in the CCP version 10.14

Updates 10.14 marked the true return of the clan / clan Dark chimpanzee with a series of buffed cards. Shaco and Javan IV These are the main cards mentioned in today’s topic. Let’s Funny game Learn how to build squads Guardian combined with Secret Detective Please.

1. The strengths and weaknesses of the Secret-Guardian style DTCL 10.14 squad:


  • Quite strong to climb the rank in this version. More CC, more damage and lifesteal.
  • Good resistance.
  • Huge damage comes from staple – Shaco.


  • Need to have good equipment for the main force.
  • Easy to burn blood in the early game.
  • Depends too much on Shaco or Neeko.

2. Standard lineup list:

Complete Guard - Secret Detective formation.

  • 1 gold hero: Nocturne, Javan IV.
  • Champion 2 gold: Zed, Rakkan, Xinzhao.
  • 3 gold champions: Neeko, Shaco.
  • 4 Gold Heroes: Fizz.
  • Hero 5 gold: Janna.

3. The main card and suitable equipment:

  • Zed: Rageblade, Infinity and Angel Armor.
  • Shaco: Cannons Lien Thanh, Blood Sword or Infinity and Angel Armor.
  • Fizz: Mercury Cloak, Gemstone Gloves and Witch Hat.

4. Construction build the squad according to each stage of the match:

Early Matches:

Priority heroes: Javan IV, Nocturne, Zed, Rakkan and Xinzhao.

Generals should choose when not taking enough cards: Xayah, Illaoi and Mordekaiser.

Jarvan IV



Between Matches:

Once caught Shaco and Zed, Let’s start equipping these 2 champions. Priority selected Shaco and Neeko.

The clown Shaco


Generals should choose when not taking enough cards: Bard, Karma and Ashe.

End of Game:

Catch Fizz and Janna to complete the squad Secret Detective Guardian and get more buffs Holy Motheru word Janna to optimize assassins’ damage.

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5. Notes when playing the Guardians – Secret Secret Service squad:

Level up early and sensibly to get it soon Shaco and Fizz Since in the early game this lineup is pretty low on damage if it comes to formations like this Pioneers or Fighter.

Try to keep a lot of blood because this is a strong lineup Level up – click system. So try not to “color fly” too soon before you get 4 Secret Detective.

In the market ring, please pick up priority for BF to match Shaco and Zed.


Choose this lineup in well-equipped galaxies Treasure Island or Arms Empire because Shaco and Zed without the proper equipment it would be quite weak. I wish you all the top 1 when using this lineup Guardians – Secret Detective in version 10.14 this time.

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