How to build the Gladiator – Void squad revolves around Vel’Koz in the Arena of Truth

With the most recent update, the general Vel’Koz (Void – Mage) has been buffed based on the amount of mana needed to launch the ability (reduced from 80> 70 mana), who can build at will standard damage formation when combined Vel’Koz with Cho’Gath and Kha’Zix. Please follow the below part of the article!

The vanity eye - Vel'Koz
The vanity eye – Vel’Koz

The generals belong Mage (or Sorcerer) The characteristic feature is that the movement and attack speed is usually quite slow, in return they will take the role of main magic damage or cause effects to the enemy team. As mentioned above, when Set of 3 Void (Vel’Koz + Cho’Gath + Kha’Zix) appearing on the ring will cause amount true damage Huge (damage ignores physical armor and spells, minus health).

  • Vel’Koz: Life-Decomposition Rays – He unleashes a blast of energy throughout the inner battlefield 2.5 seconds, cause 425/550/2000 magic damage per second for each enemy.
  • Cho’Gath: Rift – create a seismic in a wide range, causing 150/250/2000 magic damage and knocking enemies in the sphere of influence 2/2/4 seconds.
  • Kha’Zix: Tasting The Scent of Fear – The inflicted 175/250/400 magic damage up nearest enemy. If the enemy stands alone, you will receive more Damage isolation: 600/825/1350.

To do that, it is almost imperative that we pair with the Gladiator general as Malphite, Blitzcrank, Cho’Gath and Vi. The unstoppable power of this lineup will really explode in the late mid and late game (level 8 and up).

  • Malphite: Armor Hoa Cuong – Start each match with a shield based 40/45/50% His maximum blood.
  • Blitzcrank: Rocket Hand – The farthest enemy will be pulled towards him, causing 250/400/900 magic damage and Stun for 2.5 seconds. The next attack will cause the enemy to be knocked out for 1 second. Nearby allies will attack enemies that have just been pulled.
  • Vi: Ta Chong Huu Dung – She will rush into the farthest enemy, repel the victims along the way and inflict 400/600/1200 magic damage. When it hits the target, Vi will deal 150/200/500 damage spells up this enemy and stuns in 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds.
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Dream Team: Malphite, Blitzcrank, Cho'Gath, Vi, Kha'Zix, Fizz, TwistedFate, Vel'Koz
Dream Team: Malphite, Blitzcrank, Cho’Gath, Vi, Kha’Zix, Fizz, TwistedFate, Vel’Koz

So in theory, the player just needs to match 3 Void children will be hegemony? No, besides the Gladiator generals that are capable of resisting and destroying the opponent, there will be a need for additional control effects. And here you need to add Twisted Fate (can replace with Lux to add effects) and Fizz spy (can be Shaco, Kai’sa or Ekko)

  • Twisted Fate: throws 3 cards forward in a cone, dealing 200/300/500 magic damage on every enemy they pass through.
  • Lux: Light Lock – Launches a ball of darkness, inflicting 200/300/600 magic damage and Stuns for 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 seconds wide range enemies.
  • Fizz: Summoning Water Monster – throws the decoy in the target direction.After that, a sea monster shark emerges, knocks up and causes 350/500/2000 magic damage on champions around the target, repels and stuns for 1.5 seconds.
  • Shaco: Stabbed – He will teleport attack behind the opponent, causing 300% / 325% / 350% critical damage.
  • Kai’Sa: Ray of Pursuit -. Kai’Sa shoots 4/6/9 long-range rays at the target you are attacking, each beam deals 50 magic damage.
  • Ekko: Bisexual Convergence – he breaks through the timeline, creating an anomalous region of instability that freezes all enemy troops for a period of time before attacking them all, causing 225/400/2000 magic damage with attack effect.
Detective Fizz
Detective Fizz

So what is the ideal equipment for Vel’Koz? You should combine energy boosts, magic damage and defense to help him last as long as possible.

  • Rabadon Witch Hat: + 40% magic damage, increased by 50% Ability Power from all sources.
  • Scepter Great Angel: +40 mana in early game, restore 20 mana each time a skill is used.
  • Claw the trap: + 20% dodge, +200 health. The used champion will initiate the round with a magic shield. Stuns any enemy who dares to destroy the shield for 4 seconds.
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