How to build general Nasus in Wild Rift League

Nasus is a general in Wild Rift Alliance has tremendous power in the late game due to the ability to increase unlimited power through skill points. To optimize the strengths and limit the weaknesses of this Desert Wise, you can refer to the following way to build general Nasus in Linh Minh Wild Rift.

Nasus mainly deals with physical damage and has very good resistance. This Egyptian mythology-inspired champion becomes stronger as time goes by thanks to the unlimited stacks of Scepter of Soul (1). Stacks will increase if you can kill enemy monsters, minions, or champions with this skill.

How to build by nasus in the alliance to understand the best

How to build Nasus in Wild Rift

Nasus can easily take down enemy turrets and carry champions in the late game. In this article, will guide you how to build Nasus in Wild Rift League with runes, spells, equipment and detailed gameplay tips to maximize the ability of this champion.

How to build general Nasus in Wild Rift League

I – How to Itemize General Nasus in Wild Rift Alliance

1. Trinity Force – Three Combination Swords
For the first item, you must equip the Trinity Force for Nasus to amplify his 1 Siphoning Strike because it has a Passive that grants 200% bonus physical damage. On top of that, Trinity Force also provides extra HP, AD, attack speed, max mana, and cooldown reduction.

2. Ninja Tabi – Ninja Shoes
As for the shoe, you can choose Ninja Tabi as it gives Nasus an edge in Baron lane battle by increasing armor and has a Passive that blocks 10% of damage taken from enemy basic attacks.

3. Dead Man’s Plate – Martyr’s Armor
Next, Nasus can make good use of a defensive item called Dead Man’s Plate to gain extra HP and armor. In addition, Dead Man’s Plate also has a Passive that increases Nasus’ movement speed and reduces enemy movement speed.

how to build nasus in alliance

4. Sterak’s Gage – Sterak’s Claw
Sterak’s Gage is a pretty important item for Gladiators like Nasus because it increases HP and has a Passive that adds 50% AD, which only works on melee champions. In addition, Sterak’s Gage adds a shield if Nasus’s HP is below 35%.

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5. Spirit Visage – Spiritual Armor
To increase Nasus’ resistance, you can choose another defensive item, Spirit Visage to add HP, HP regeneration, magic resistance and cooldown reduction.

6. Guardian Angel – Angel Armor
Guardian Angel is a core late-game item as it revives dead players, as well as restoring 50% of base HP and 30% of max mana. Moreover, Guardian Angel also increases AD and armor, which are two extremely important stats for Nasus.

7. Upgrade Ninja Tabi to Glorious Enchant
The Glorius Enchant is a useful item upgrade that makes it easier for Nasus to pursue targets as it increases movement speed by 15%, up to 60% when moving towards enemies.

8. Recommended equipment for Nasus
– Equipment to deal with teams with many ADCs:
Trinity Force, Ninja Tabi, Randuins Omen, Dead Mans Plate, Guardian Angel, Steraks Gage.
– Equipment to deal with teams with many mages: Trinity Force, Stasis Enchant, Spirit Visage, Dead Mans Plate, Guardian Angel, Steraks Gage.
– Equipment to deal with teams with many Tanks: Iceborn Gauntlet, Teleport Enchant, Adaptive Helm, Deaths Dance, Dead Mans Plate, Steraks Gage.

II – Rune for Nasus in Wild Rift Alliance

1. Grasp of the Undying – Grasp of the Undying
As a fairly weak champion in the early game and suitable for tank play, Grasp of the Undying is the best Keystone for Nasus as this rune restores 2% HP based on max HP and permanently grants 5 HP. Besides, it also deals additional damage equal to 4% of Nasus’s maximum HP.

use the state of the art and make the nasus in toc chien

2. Gathering Storm – Gathering Storm
Next, you’ll want to pick Gathering Storm because Nasus has great late game combat. Therefore, Gathering Storm is the best Domination gem for Nasis as it gains 2 AD or 4 AP every 2 minutes.

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3. Healing Gem – Hunter – Titan (Giant Hunter)
As for the Resolve gem, you’d be better off choosing Hunter – Titan to get the most out of the Grasp of the Undying rune, and also make Nasus more powerful as it gives him 20 extra max HP per kill defeat enemy generals.

4. Gem of Inspiration – Mastermind (Mastermind)
Since Nasus tends to play solo and often split push, you should choose Mastermind to get 10% more real damage to turrets and monsters.

III – Summoner spell for Nasus in Wild Rift Alliance

1. Ghost – Express
Ghost is the perfect complement to Nasus as it allows him to chase down enemies who are trying to escape. When activated, Ghost will increase Nasus’s movement speed and decrease his movement speed by 25% for 6 seconds.

how to build nasus in toc chien

2. Flash – Flash
Similar to Ghost, Flash is also perfect with Nasus’ style of play. It also had the same effect, allowing Nasus to easily chase enemies or run away from them.

IV – Nasus’ skill set and skill combo in Wild Rift Alliance

1. Nasus’s skill set

How to do it by nasus tocchien

* Passive: Soul Eater – Soul Eater

– 12% more lifesteal.

* Skill 1: Siphoning Strike – Soul Scepter

– The next attack powers up for 10 seconds, dealing 25 extra physical damage (25 + 0). If ability 1 kills the target, its damage is permanently increased to 4. Killing enemy champions, minions, and monsters instead increases this skill’s damage by 8.

– Mana Cost: 20

– Cooldown: 5.5s

* Skill 2: Wither – Aging

– Reduces enemy movement speed by 35% and attack speed by 22.5% for 5 seconds. Movement speed is reduced by 45% for that duration.

– Mana Cost: 80

– Cooldown: 14s

* Skill 3: Spirit Fire – Spiritual Fire

– Creates a fiery area, dealing 55 magic damage (55 + 40% magic damage). The area of ​​fire lasts for 5 seconds, dealing 11 magic damage (11 + 12% magic damage) over time and reducing armor by 15%.

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– Mana Cost: 110

– Cooldown: 12s

* Ultimate: Fury Of The Sands – Fury Of The Sands

– Gain 300 HP, 25 armor and magic resistance for 15 seconds. Deals damage to nearby enemies equal to 3% (3 + 0.01 magic damage) of their HP for the duration of the move.

– Mana Cost: 100

– Cooldown: 90s

2. Nasus’s skill combo

bang and work for nasus in toc chien

In fact, Nasus doesn’t have a definite combo because you should focus on stacking the champion’s 1st ability. But Nasus has combos for hand-to-hand combat:

Wither (2) > Spirit Fire (3) > Siphoning Strike (1) > Basic attack.

V – How to play Nasus effectively in Wild Rift League

guide nasus tocchien

– Play it safe in the early game because Nasus is quite weak and basically easy to fall prey to any champion. Don’t get too aggressive and instead focus on getting stacks for 1 by farming minions.
– Use skill 1 to finish the target.
– Push enemies when you have ultimate because it increases all attributes and makes Nasus stronger.
Above is how to build the most effective general Nasus in the Wild Rift League. Although there is the ability to increase unlimited power through stacking with ability 1, but Nasus is quite weak in the early game, so you need to be careful and try not to push the lane too hard, or else the enemy jungler will cause damage. you must regret.

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