How to build general Lee Sin in Wild Rift League

Lee Sin is a jungler who possesses a high mobility skill set, the ability to effectively clear the jungle, and good ganking in Wild Rift Alliance. Basically, Lee Sin is already a powerful Jungle Assassin, but with the right equipment, runes, and summoner spells, Lee Sin becomes even more terrifying when he maximizes his potential.

Lee Sin is a general Gladiator-Assassin Amazing jungle in Wild Rift Alliance. Only recently added to the game, but Lee Sin has received a lot of love from many League of Wild Rift players, no less than in League of Legends. The Blind Monk is considered to have a complex mechanism, and players must definitely practice to grasp this master.

how to build by lee sin in toc chien alliance

How to build Lee Sin in Wild Rift League Liên

They can then take full advantage of Lee Sin’s abilities by building Lee Sin in Wild Rift with the right rune, spells, equipment, and gameplay tips.

Instructions to build general Lee Sin in Wild Rift League

I – How to Itemize General Lee Sin in Wild Rift League

1. Black Cleaver – Black Ax
For the first item for Lee Sin, you can choose Black Cleaver to get maximum HP, increase AD, and decrease cooldown. This is extremely helpful for the Blind Monk. In addition, Black Ax has a Passive that allows him to reduce enemy armor by 24% for 6s.

2. Mercurys Treads – Mercury Shoes
Mercury’s Treads is probably the best choice for Lee Sin as it adds magic resistance and reduces the CC received to Lee Sin by 30%.

3. Duskblade of Draktharr – Dark Sword Draktharr
Next, you equip the Duskblade of Draktharr to Lee Sin to add AD, armor penetration, increase damage dealt, and reduce cooldown.

how to build a lee sin in a toc chien alliance

4. Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Youmuu’s Ghost Sword
To increase Lee Sin’s damage even further, you can choose Youmuu’s Ghostblade to gain more AD, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction. In addition, this item also has a Passive that increases movement speed, making ganking easier.

5. Sterak’s Gage – Sterak’s Claw
You may want to get a defensive item for Lee Sin to avoid being crushed by the enemy. One of the best defensive items for Lee Sin is Sterak’s Gage, which increases HP, with 50% base physical damage.

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6. Guardian Angel – Angel Armor
For the final item, Guardian Angel seems like the obvious choice. This item is suitable for any champion as it respawns when you die while providing extra AD and armor.

7. Upgrade Mercury’s Treads to Protobelt Enchant
To make it easier for you to perform his combos, you can upgrade your Mercury’s Treads to Protobelt Enchant as an additional Dash skill for Lee Sin, allowing him to launch arc kicks at enemies. enemies more often.

8. Recommended equipment for Lee Sin
– Equipment to deal with teams with many ADCs:
Black Cleaver, Gluttonous Greaves, Duskblade of Draktharr, Youmuus Ghostblade, Randuins Omen, Guardian Angel.
– Equipment to deal with teams with many mages: Black Cleaver, Stasis Enchant, Maw of Malmortius, Duskblade of Draktharr, Spirit Visage, Guardian Angel.
– Equipment to deal with teams with many tank generals: Black Cleaver, Gluttonous Greaves, Duskblade of Draktharr, Mortal Reminder, Steraks Gage, Guardian Angel.

II – Rune for Lee Sin in Wild Rift League

len do cho lee sin in toc chien

1. Super Gem: Electrocute – Electric Shock
As a champion who needs to finish off enemies quickly, Lee Sin will benefit from the keystone gem Electrocute as it grants 30-140 extra points (based on level), 40% AD, and 25% AP. With the Shock gem, Lee Sin can obliterate a target in an instant.

2. Overwhelming Gem: Triumph – Dac Thang
For the Domination gem, Lee Sin can make good use of the Triumph gem to recover 10% of his lost HP and increase damage by 3% to enemies with less than 35% HP.

3. Healing Gem: Backbone – Bone Armor
Next, you can choose Backbone as the Resolve gem for Lee Sin to help him withstand better early game. Backbone grants Lee Sin 10 armor or 10 magic resistance, based on the lower stat.

4. Gem of Inspiration: Mastermind – Mastermind
Mastermind is a great choice for junglers like Lee Sin because it grants 10% more real damage to turrets and monsters. In addition, Lee Sin will also receive 100 more gold and 500 XP when defeating those targets.

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III – Summoner spell for Lee Sin in Wild Rift Alliance

build by lee sin toc chien

1. Smite – Punishment
As a jungler, Lee Sin needs to have Smite to get 20% more XP from jungle monsters.

2. Flash – Flash
Flash is a spell that benefits any champion. It allows you to effectively chase enemies or escape from them. Flash can also be combined with Lee Sin’s skills so that he can re-target with his kicks.

IV – Lee Sin’s skill set and skill combo in Wild Rift Alliance

1. Lee Sin’s skill set

How do you go about it and do it for Lee Sin?

* Passive: Flurry – Chaos

– Increases attack speed for 2nd attack by 50% for 3 seconds. The first attack restores 20 mana and the second attack restores 10 mana.

* Skill 1: Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike – Sound Wave/Invisible Strike

– Sound wave: Fires energy waves at enemies, dealing 60 physical damage (60 + 100% bonus AD) or revealing them. Hitting an enemy grants Shadow Strike for 3 seconds.

– No Image Fee: Rushes to an enemy marked by Soundwave, dealing 60-120 physical damage (60 + 100% bonus AD up to 120 + 200% bonus AD) based on the target’s missing HP.

– Mana Cost: 50

– Cooldown: 10s

* Skill 2: Safeguard/Iron Will – Protection/Consistency

– Bodyguard: Rush to the destination. If an opponent is nearby upon arrival, Lee Sin defends himself against 80 (80 + 100% AP) for 2 seconds. Allows you to cast a Steadfast attack for 3 seconds. Protector’s cooldown is reduced by 1 second with each attack.

– Consistently: Power up next attack to deal 55 more magic damage (55 + 80% AP) and gain 40% more physical and magic damage.

– Mana Cost: 50

– Cooldown: 15s

* Skill 3: Tempest/Cripple – Earthquake/Aftershock

– Seismic: Deals 90 magic damage (90 + 100% bonus AD) to nearby enemies and reveals them. Hitting 1 enemy grants Aftershock for 3 seconds.

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– After Chan: Reduces movement speed of enemies hit by Earthquake by 30%, decaying over 4 seconds.

– Mana Cost: 50

– Cooldown: 10 seconds

* Ultimate move: Dragon’s Rage – Dragon’s Rage

– Kick enemy champions, dealing 150 physical damage (150 + 200% bonus AD) and knocking them up. Deals physical damage equal to 150 (150 + 200% bonus AD) plus 12% of the kicked champion’s health to enemies hit by the kicked champion and knocks them up for 1 second.

– Mana Cost: 0

– Cooldown: 80s

2. Lee Sin’s skill combo

grind Dung Lee Sin in the alliance toc chien

Lee Sin has a rather complicated combo because it requires you to time and position it correctly to get the best results:
Sonic Wave (1) >Sonic Wave (1) >Tempest (3) >Safeguard (2) go behind target > Dragon’s Rage (Ultimate).

V – How to play Lee Sin effectively in Wild Rift League

how to build a lee sin in the league of legends

– Start ganking after having both blue buff (Blue Buff) and red buff (Red Buff) because Lee Sin is quite strong early game.

– Be extra cautious when using the ultimate as it can benefit the enemy.

– Always cast 1 to gradually destroy your targets. If possible, get close to the target using skill 1 again and finish them off with a combo.
The above article has shown you how to build Lee Sin most effectively in Wild Rift League. However, it should be repeated that Lee Sin is a rather difficult champion to play, so you need to invest time in practicing using this champion, to get used to and easily grasp the character’s moves.

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