How to build General Garen in Wild Rift Alliance

Garen is a champion Tank champion that gamers often play on Baron street in Wild Rift Alliance. Despite being a tank, Garen’s ability to deal damage is not average. To make the most of this general’s ability, do not ignore how to build General Garen in the Wild Rift League shared right below.

Garen is rated as one of the most recommended generals for beginners because of its extremely simple gameplay. Garen possesses an impressive skill set, has strong laning ability thanks to strong damage and innate healing ability. This is a champion that balances resistance, damage, and mobility. In this article, will guide you how to build general Garen in Wild Rift League with runes, spells, and effective tips to make the most of this champion’s strengths.

how to build a garen in a toc chien alliance

How to build the strongest Garen general in LoL Wild Rift

Instructions to build General Garen in Wild Rift Alliance

I – How to Itemize General Garen in Wild Rift Alliance

1. Trinity Force – Three Combination Swords
Many gamers often choose to build more powerful Garen items by using a certain damage item like Trinity Force. It mainly benefits Garen’s Passive as it gives Garen 100% more Attack Damage (200% when upgrading to Trinity Force) after casting an ability – which is great for 1 Decisive Strike. Besides, Trinity Force also increases the movement speed for this champion.

2. Mercurys Treads – Mercury Shoes
For shoes, you can buy Mercury Treads for Garen. Since Garen doesn’t have any escape tools (except for the movement speed he gets from ability 1), he’s vulnerable to stuns. And Mercury Treads has a Passive that reduces enemy check times.

3. Black Cleaver – Black Ax
Black Cleaver will make Garen even more aggressive, while also providing more HP, making it difficult for enemies to destroy Garen. With this item, Garen will take 30 extra physical damage, 350 HP and reduce the cooldown by 20%.

What makes Black Ax the perfect item for Garen is that its Passive reduces the target’s armor by 4% after being hit for 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times reducing 24%.

how to build a garen in a toc chien alliance

4. Death’s Dance – Dance of Death
For the 4th item, you should choose Death’s Dance to increase Garen’s resistance in teamfights. The Dance of Death grants Garen 10% more lifesteal with a bleed effect. With a bleeding effect of 30% of damage dealt over 3 seconds, the enemy will have to think twice before deciding to deal with you.

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Death’s Dance also provides 300% HP, 35 AD and 10% cooldown reduction, making Garen even more deadly.

5. Dead Man’s Plate – Martyr’s Armor
Be careful because not all items shared by the article provide physical damage. Garen is easily killed even before a team fight occurs. Now, to prevent this, you can equip the Dead Man’s Plate to Garen to get 50 more armor and 300 HP. On top of that, this item has the Passive – Momentum, which grants 50 movement speed once you’ve reached 100 Momentum stacks.

6. Spirit Visage – Spiritual Armor
Now, against the enemy Mage, Spirit Visage is the best item for you. It increases Garen’s healing by 100% – which works great with his Passive – Perseverance, allowing HP to be restored when not taking any damage.

7. Upgrade Mercury Treads to Teleport Enchant
Since you’ll be playing in Baron lane, you’ll have a hard time helping your allies take down dragons. Therefore, you can choose Teleport Enchant to get there early. Although the cooldown of Teleport Enchant is quite long, it is at least useful when you need to help your teammates while doing a split push.

8. Recommended equipment for Garen

– Default equipment: Mercury Treads, Trinity Force, Dead Man Plate, Umbral Glaive, Spirit Visage and Teleport Enchant
– Equipment to deal with Gunners: Black Cleaver, Ninja Tabi, Trinity Force, Dead Man Plate, Umbral Glaive, Spirit Visage and Teleport Enchant.
– Equipment to deal with Mage: Black Cleaver, Mercury Treads, Trinity Force, Dead Man Plate, Umbral Glaive, Maw of Malmortius and Teleport Enchant.
– Equipment to deal with General Tank: Black Cleaver, Mercury Treads, Trinity Force, Dead Man Plate, Mortal Reminder, Guardian Angel and Teleport Enchant.

II – Garen’s Booster Gem in Wild Rift Alliance

how to build garen in alliance toc chien 2

1. Super Gem – Conqueror
As a tank fighter, Garen needs massive damage to finish off enemies quickly. Therefore, you should choose Conqueror as his Keystone gem. Its passive grants Garen 2-6 bonus physical damage (based on level), stacking up to 5 times for up to 10-30 physical damage (based on level).

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2. Overwhelming Pearl – Triumph (Dac Thang)
For the Domination gem, you can choose Triumph to recover 10% of your lost HP for every kill on an enemy champion. It also increases physical damage by 3% on enemies with less than 35% HP.

3. Regeneration Gem – Regeneration
Next, you can also use Regeneration to increase Garen’s resistance. Its passive restores 2% HP or mana cost every 3 seconds (whichever is lower).

4. Gem of Inspiration – Hunter – Genius (Skillful Hunter)
Equip Hunter – Genius as an Inspiration gem for Garen to reduce cooldown by 2.5%. In addition, each time he kills a target champion, Garen reduces his cooldown by 1.5%. This gem is a great complement to Garen’s skill set, especially skill 1.

III – Summoner spell for Garen in Wild Rift Alliance

how to build a garen in the alliance of toc chien 3

1. Ignite – Burning
The Burning summoner spell provides some great advantages for Garen in a duel. You can use Ignite when the enemy’s HP is severely low because it can burn the target with 60-410 true damage (based on level) for 5 seconds, preventing the enemy from exiting the teamfight. team.

2. Flash – Flash
Flash is a summoner spell suitable for all champions. Anyone can use it to chase enemies or run away from them, but Flash’s cooldown is very long at 150 seconds.

IV – Garen’s skill set and skill combo in Wild Rift Alliance

1. Garen’s Skill Set

how to build garen in league of toc chien 4

* Passive: Perseverance – Perseverance
– If Garen hasn’t been hit by an enemy’s damage or skill in the previous 5 seconds, he regenerates 1.2% of the missing HP every second.

* Skill 1: Decisive Strike – Decisive Strike
– Disables the slow effect, becoming immune to them for 0.5 seconds and increasing movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. Your next attack within 3 seconds is empowered to deal 56 physical damage (30 + 40% AD) and silence the target for 1.5 seconds.
– Cooldown: 8 seconds

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* Skill 2: Courage – Courage
– Reduces damage received for 2 seconds. For the first 1 second, damage is reduced by 60% and Garen’s effect resistance is increased by 60%. Damage is reduced by 30% for the next second. The effect row decreases over time.
– Cooldown: 18 seconds

* Skill 3: Judgment – Judgment
– Swing the sword for 3 seconds, dealing 31 physical damage (15+25% AD), up to 8 times. Enemies hit at the edge of the circle take critical damage for 125% damage. When spinning, deals 60% damage to minions.
– Cooldown: 9 seconds

* Ultimate move: Demacian Justice – Justice Demacia
– Summons the power of Demacia to idealize the enemy, dealing 150 true damage along with 20% of the target’s missing HP. Nearby enemies also take 50% of this damage.
– Cooldown: 65 seconds

2. Garen’s skill combo

how to build garen in league of toc chien 5

Since Garen is a beginner-friendly Wild Rift champion, his skill combos are pretty straightforward. The mechanics are also uncomplicated, unlike Camille and Zed:
Courage (2) – Decisive Strike (1) – Basic Attack – Judgment (3)

V – Tips to play Garen effectively in Wild Rift League

how to build garen in league of toc chien 6

– Deal continuous damage to target using combo Courage (2) – Decisive Strike (1) – Basic attack – Judgment (3).
– If your HP is about to run out, step back. Use Garen’s Passive – Perseverance to heal.
– Do not use the ultimate when the enemy still has a lot of health. Only use it when the enemy is below 20-30% HP to deal more damage of the lost health.

If you are looking for a champion that is strong enough but easy to play to start your Wild Rift exploration journey, Garen will be a perfect choice for you. Before participating in matches with Garen, do not forget to refer to how to build Garen to make the best use of this champion’s abilities.

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