How many generals does League of Legends have?

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League of Legends since its appearance has released many different champions. However, the generals in League of Legends will have different strengths and play styles, different strengths and weaknesses depending on the feelings of each player. Those who have played or are new to the game will surely wonder how many champions League of Legends currently has? Updating champions will help you know the gameplay, how to build items to play the game easier.

For the gaming community, the game League of Legends Certainly not a strange name anymore. The game has been released for more than 10 years now, with rapid development, up to now, new features and champions are constantly being updated. So how many generals does League of Legends have, and what new generals are there? Let’s find out below.

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Total number of champions in League of Legends

I. How many generals does League of Legends have?

– As of September 2022, there are a total of 161 different champions. League of Legends (LOL) is a large-scale game with a very elaborate and detailed storyline. The same goes for the characters in the game. All champions in League of Legends are introduced with stories about their status, skills and completely unique avatars.
– The champions in League of Legends will be classified into many different types. Each champion type will have its own role in the game.
– Each major update will usually have a new champion or an old champion that has been released for a long time but has reworked skills, animations, skins and skills.
– You can follow the list of champions that are updated continuously HERE

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II. How do League of Legends champions classify roles?

1. Assassin generals
– Assassins are generals with impressive melee abilities. These characters can quickly kill opponents by using weapons. The Assassin’s damage is quite powerful. The main characteristics of the Assassins include: High movement speed, the ability to allow them to destroy targets quickly, dealing great damage but compensating for a fairly thin amount of health.
– The outstanding generals in this position can be mentioned as: Zed, Master Yi, Akali, Evelynn, …

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2. Gunner generals
– Gunners usually attack from a distance away from the combat area. They mainly use their abilities to maintain a safe position and provide more firepower to their teammates. The characteristics of these champions are quite low mobility, needing good protection from the position of the support player.
– Some prominent names in this role are: Ashe, Miss Fortune, Jinx, Lucian, ..

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3. Mages Generals
– Mages often rely mainly on the use of skill combos to maximize damage. Although capable of dealing great damage, they are quite weak and must be accompanied by other champions for the attack strategy to be effective.
– Wizard generals often rely on combinations of spells to maximize damage to opponents. Their power is more of a skill with a strong target in a wide range than close combat. This champion type is also vulnerable while on cooldown.
– Some outstanding generals in this role: Ahri, Annie, Aurelion Sol, Brand,…

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4. Support Heroes
– This is the type of character that plays an important role for all champions in League of Legends. In a match, Support is indispensable. They take on the role of supporting teammates when fighting in the most effective way.
– For Support generals, fighting ability is highly appreciated. They can disable or weaken enemies and strengthen allies. Support champions are usually stronger when fighting near their teammates
– Outstanding generals such as: Alistar, Sona, Rakan, Lulu, …

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5. Tank generals
– Tank is a concept that refers to the generals with the strongest defense in the game. Their abilities often focus on strengthening defense as well as dealing damage. Endurance, toughness is also the point that makes Tank’s strength when fighting.
– Normal Tanks usually have great power along with armor and magic resistance equipment. Damage is usually low at first, but increases as the battle reaches its peak.
– Some outstanding generals such as: Braum, Alista, Mundo, Maokai,…

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III. Some League of Legends champions have just been released, edited recently.

1. Udyr – Spirit Traveler
– Compared to the old version, after being remade, Udyr will still be a melee general who uses different martial arts to fight, but instead of animals, they are now demigods like Thunder, Hoa Yang, Tie Tru and Bang Phuong are much more epic

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2. Nilah – The embodiment of joy
– Nilah is an ascetic warrior from a faraway land, looking for the most dangerous, giant opponents in the world to challenge and destroy them. Having obtained her powers through an encounter with the devil of joy long held captive, she has no emotions other than unending jubilation – a small price to pay for the immense strength she possesses. are owned.

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3. Beloveth – Queen of the Void
– An insidious queen created from raw materials from an entire devoured city, Bel’Veth is the end of Runeterra… and the beginning of the terrifying reality she longs for. would like.
Guided by epochs of history, knowledge, and memories from the world above being rewritten, she devours the need for new experiences and emotions, absorbing everything that crosses her path. of her. Yet her need could never be satisfied by just one world as she directed her burning desire to the former gods of the Void…

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To play League of Legends, you need to have a Garena account as well as install Garena software on your computer first.

Links: Download Garena
Each champion will have different skills and gameplay. There is also no champion that is stronger because there will be many other champions to counter. Therefore, whether the champion is strong or not will depend on the player and his understanding of the champion. Player level will usually be based on their rank rating. You should see rank LOL League of Legends yourself and your friends to find the right players.

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