Horror Manga Master Junji Ito Spreads Horror Again in New Anime

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Anime Adapted from a manga series Junji Ito Collection of the master manga Horror Junji Ito has determined to start opening from January 7, 2018. Recently, the publisher has also revealed many specific news about the DVD release for this anime.

Painter Junji Ito

According to the officially announced information, the anime DVD Junji Ito Collection It is divided into 3 parts: Upper, Middle and Lower. In each season will include 4 episodes. DVD Thuong is expected to be available for sale from March 30, 2018, including cartoons from episode 1 to episode 4. DVD Trung will continue to be sold from April 27, 2018, including episodes 5 to 8. And the Lower DVD will finally be released from May 25, 2018, including episodes 9 to 12. The highlight of this anime is that the Upper DVD will include a cover with brand new illustrations by the author. author and inside includes many new never-before-seen works by Junji Ito. The Middle and Lower Parts, in addition to having new covers and stories, also include previously unreleased parts of the hit manga. Tomie – one of the most representative works of this horror manga master. It can be said, anime Ito Junji Collection will be one of the most anticipated works next year for fans of Junji Ito’s drawings in particular and the horror manga community in general.

Famous horror manga Tomie


In charge of character design and production direction of Ito Junji Collection will be directed by Tagashira, who is known for Diabolik Lovers. Post-production will be done by Studio DEEN. Besides, the anime script will be penned by Diamond Daydreams screenwriter – Kaoru Sawada. Hozumi Goda (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai) is the sound director and Yuuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia) is in charge of the background music. In the movie trailer released at the end of November, it also introduced the opening song of the movie with the title “Shichitenbatto no Blues” (The Writhing in Agony Blues) performed by The Pinballs.

Anime trailers Ito Junji Collection:

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