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Brain Out puzzle game – Brain Out Although it has just appeared not long ago, it has created a very dramatic and attractive challenge for many players on EmergenceInGame. The exact answers of the Brain Out challenge question seemed “ridiculous, fictitious” but in a sense they were extremely plausible. It is that difference that creates the attraction of Brain Out Online Vietnamese language challenge game – Brain Out Online this.

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Suggestions to answer some questions in the game Brain Out:

  • Level 1: In terms of the actual size image, a Watermelon is always the biggest.
  • Level 2: Ducks and chickens look quite similar, only with a beak (9 ducks).
  • Level 3: The highest thing in the sky is always the Sun.
  • Level 4: In a whole watermelon, there will be 1 bad bite.
  • Level 5: Drag the quadrilateral up high.
  • Level 6: Count carefully and the answer is to have 11 pictures.
  • Level 7: Let’s bring all the flames together.
  • Level 8: Simple, just pull the car out and see the numbers.
  • Level 9: Owls often stay up at night, pull the Sun outside to turn into night.
  • Level 10: The calculation is too simple.
  • Level 11: Look closely and you will see Panda Panda.
  • Level 12: Move the big chickens one by one and the chicks will appear.
  • Level 13: MAX color.
  • Level 14: How to count HAIRs accurately? Please take off the wig.
  • Level 15: What should I do if I want a duck to drink water? Help me to go to the puddle is finished.
  • Level 16: Drag the underscore number 1 into the answer to turn into number 2.
  • Level 17: What pictures can be assembled and related to food? Suggestion is the bread.
  • Level 18: Open the puppy food box and you’ll see a ring!
  • Level 19: Is the pothole edible?
  • Level 20: Stopping the cigarette will become a DRUGSKEN symbol!
  • Level 21: Follow the correct procedure to count the number of coins (count 15 coins).
  • Level 23: The sun and the clouds look like an omelet!
  • Level 24: Click on the clouds to make it rain, you will find all 8 living creatures!
  • Level 25: Pulling out the clouds so the sun shining down melts the ice cube.
  • Level 26: Add 3 any numbers to make 12, too easy!
  • Level 27: Remember EVERYTHING, put it all in the Box.
  • Level 28: Grab the mouse and smash the hammer!
  • Level 29: The best alarm clock is always the mother!
  • Level 30: Count correctly and enough boxes of potato chips, pull out how many boxes of potatoes are there!
  • Level 31: Alien will need a flying saucer, watch for the alien footprints on which rock!
  • Level 32: River cannot be enlarged on a computer, skip this sentence. On mobile, use 2 fingers to touch the screen and pull it out.
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